Knesset hears epidemic of racist Arab anti-Jewish attacks since Oct.

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    Knesset hears epidemic of racist Arab anti-Jewish attacks since Oct. In mixed cities (swastikas, marking Jews’ houses, intimidatiin, beatings, rock throwing, arson,, etc.)

    Police too busy focusing on so many violent cases…no time to get to the racial aspects…


    Knesset Channel, Dec 8, 2021

    24 vehicle vandalism incidents, breaking house door handles, attempted burglary. 7 tin arsons, 16 attacks on boys on nationalistic (racist) background, 13 stone-throwing incidents on Jewish homes, 6 stone-throwing incidents in the Aviv Bridge, spray-painting swastikas “- @MeirLayosh told about cases of violence experienced by Jews in Lod by Arabs, since October.


    Gideon Dokov, Makor Rishon, 10 Kislev 5782 (14/11/2021).

    “Along with the fight against criminal crime, nationalist crime demands a solution.”

    The rise of nationalism in Arab society is a separate issue from the criminal issue, and it requires separate treatment, and soon

    It is not easy these days to be a Jew living in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod. In the past month, there have been at least ten stone-throwing incidents against Jews and their homes in the neighborhood. In ten other cases, Jewish boys were attacked by Arabs, and at the same time no less than 15 cases of vehicle vandalism were counted – including shattering windows, breaking mirrors, puncturing tires and breaking door handles.

    It is not only the residents of Ramat Eshkol who suffer. The access road to the Ganei Aviv neighborhood in the city was recently blocked by a burning trap set by Arab boys. At the Ganei Aviv spring bridge, near the lynching scene in the late Yigal Yehoshua.., stone-throwing occasionally occurs.

    These are joined by more and more cases of spray-painting swastikas on the homes of Jewish residents, or marking the doors of houses in X.

    Derogatory cries, threats and verbal attacks by Arabs against Jews have already become a matter of routine. Residents of Lod say that many places in the city have become unsafe, and Jews cannot pass through them in the evening or at all. Mothers are afraid to sit with their children in playgrounds, and Jewish boys rarely roam the city alone for fear of being attacked and humiliated against a nationalist background.

    In Acre, the situation is not much better. There, too, Jewish boys are often attacked on the street, Jewish women and their children absorb curses and spitting in the playgrounds, and after seven in the evening you will have a hard time finding Jews on the streets of the city center. Similar stories can be heard from Jews in other mixed cities. In many of the cases the attackers do not go to the police to complain at all, realizing that it is of no use. Experience shows that most complaints will be closed without serious consideration.

    Anyone who comes up with complaints against law enforcement officials will hear in response that they are dealing from morning to evening with the issue of crime in Arab society. Statements about the importance of this struggle are repeatedly heard from the Minister of Internal Security and the Minister of Justice, the Attorney General and senior police officers. Just this week we heard about the “Great Raid in the History of the State,” in which dozens of arms dealers from the Arab sector were arrested and many weapons seized…

    But all this talk and operations will not help, because crime in Arab society is divided into two types that have a fundamental gap between them: criminal crime and nationalist crime. The heads of the system focus solely on the criminal aspect, and close their eyes to the nationalist issue. Anyone who reads the speeches of government ministers and heads of the law enforcement system will see that they are dealing exclusively with the criminal issue. And most importantly, in the plan published for the fight against violence in Arab society there is no reference to the nationalist aspect.

    The treatment of the criminal aspect and the crime families in Arab society is extremely important; First and foremost because Israeli Arabs are equal citizens who deserve to enjoy personal security on the streets, and on the other hand the law should apply to them just as it applies to every other person in Israel
    But even if all the illegal weapons in the Arab sector are collected, and even if the activities of crime families are eradicated, this will not eliminate the growing nationalist crime, especially in the cities involved. None of the Jews who were murdered by Arabs in the 5781 riots were harmed by firearms. The horrific lynching was done with sticks and stones. Although there were shootings, they were rare. Many of the Arabs arrested and charged with assault had no criminal record, and were in no way connected to the crime families.

    The extensive activity to capture the criminal elements in Arab society will not stop the harm to Jews in the cities involved, nor will it restore a sense of security there. The rise of nationalism in Arab society is a separate issue from the criminal issue, and it requires separate treatment, and soon.


    So now you know why Haaretz and J Street are obsessed about isolated cases of kids of “settlers”… They are upset at the Goliath reality of violent Arab en masse bigotry, incited by their Imams and by Hanas, PA, etc.


    Welcome to Golus; of which the State of Israel is a major part thereof.


    It’s funny how the Medinah is scared of a disease which we HAVE treatment for yet is less concerned about terrorists blowing themselves up in the streets.


    Yes, ujm.

    Of course the Golus is everywhere . But it’s funny how misonformed are the “apartheid slur” users… getting their “info” from lying B’tselem and it’s mouthpiece Haaretz.


    Te JGN:

    ” נאט-אייך-א-מדינה…”

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