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    knish since you are new here ill give u a few tips.

    1)nobody will read ur posts let alone comment on them unless they are interesting

    2)most people will not look at a thread opened by you because they never heard of you before. you need to make yourself known before getting posts.

    3)you need to have interesting threads you cant just say SLEEPAWAY CAMPS YAY????!!!!!

    if anyone else has advice for newcomers pleasde add


    knish is also the author of OVER ONE MILLION FRUM JEWS IN NEW YORK, which leads me to believe he is some sort of troll.


    I like knish’s topic and I like the name even better(I happen to like knishes). I think I will go right over to his/her thread and leave a post .


    See the promblem with you is that your the loser who is on yeshiva world all day, and who has no life! One of my threads that made it big was- “1 million frum jews in the state of NY”, so that proves i do have good topics and choices and don’t make your comments to me on-line, you could speak to my face if need be!


    Chayav, sorry but I find your comments derogatory and not necessarily true. Certainly not a “welcome aboard” to a newcomer. YOU do not know what others choose to open or not and what they choose to answer to or not. This is only your own opinion.

    At any rate, welcome aboard “KNISH”, you sound good enough to eat. 🙂


    I have nothing against ya,knish,but,like I said before,you gotta stop screaming at us with all these caps on….can’t you just talk without shouting? Other then that,I don’t really have an oppinion about your posts……


    Chayav- your constant posts about wine, getting drunk, and bubby is oh so much more interesting!


    PBA: I agree (and apparently, so do the mods).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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