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    Has anyone heard of reciting Kol Nidre (in private without a Minyan) before making any New Years Resolutions?




    My Christian neighbor.


    If you make any new year resolutions and don’t keep to them, then you’ll be mevater them by hataras nedarim before Rosh Hashanah

    ☕️coffee addict


    Don’t make any New Year’s resolutions


    I’m not sure what’s sadder, acknowledging an avodah zara day, or not knowing that kol nidrei requires a beis din of 3?


    Lostspark: You’ve never heard of this minhag?? Many also go to mikvah before the ball drops and doing their private kol nidre. Those who are really machmir also shlug kaporos before writing down their resolutions for the new year (such as not trolling other CR participants).


    Gadol: Thank you for bringing me back to reality 😂 I got trolled on that one for sure 😆


    Our daf yomi group was pondering who are all these people who habitually pledge not to eat this or that. Mashechet Nedarim surely had in mind people making NY resolutions- or some other cultural traditions that take over people … so, it seems that making such makes one almost a rasha.

    Is there a kosher way to do NY resolutions that do not sound like nedorim?


    If a person can reach retrospection by any means possible, it is great. R Dessler says that everyone is trying to get up the “sulam Yaakov” and those who do not have proper means to do so would use any
    crutch they can find.

    Some review their action when going to sleep (“do not remind a Talmid Chochom about his aveira he did yesterday, as he surely did teshuva overnight”); or you can do it by Rosh Hodesh or by the financial quarter…

    Definitely, an end of the tax year should bring thoughts about mis-spent time and money, charity deductions one did not use, wrong stocks and ideas he bought in the last year … One should also shutter at the thought – how he will be seen by people if the Congress were to publish his tax forms.

    Alter from Kelm had a piece of wood in his bread and he thought that nobody cares about this, while the Pharaoh’s baker got into such a trouble, and we should always think how our actions matter in front of the King…


    many fast that day. others make an elaborate kiddush with cholent and kishke. others put on 2 sets of tefillin that day. and donald trump admits that the election was not stolen.
    you guys for real?? the questioner was making a joke. stop taking stuff so literally.

    Reb Eliezer

    It reminds me of the story with the holy Berdichever zy’a who on the Kol Nidrei night looked under all tables in his shul. The chasidim did not know what he was doing. When he finished, he went to the bima and said, RBSO, if You would have given the goyim a day when it is a mitzva to eat, they would have drunk themselves under the table but I cannot find even one drunk. This is the difference between our new year and theirs. We look back with fear and thereby we do teshuva but they want to forget old acquaintances and not look back and become drunk. Maybe they don’t look back because they are so disgusted with their actions that they believe it cannot be corrected any more. We are not meyaesh, give up from doing teshuva even on the death bed.

    yaakov doe

    My neighbor dips a ball in honey at midnight before he bangs pots and pans. He has some unusual minhagim.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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