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    Does anyone know of a kollel that learns through the night (from midnight) and then davens vasikin? I would appreciated any information on a kollel like that in Boro Park. Tizku Lemitzvos!




    The purpose is that it enables me to learn for a significant portion of the day and still remain a nistar.


    A nistar doesn’t learn in kollel.


    Squeak, the other 35 don’t want to be known as Lamed Zaynikim. Maybe next round, sorry.



    At least it isn’t like in my case where the other 79 don’t want to be known as well…

    Seriously, if someone works an afternoon shift and sleeps by day then this is a perfect time to learn.

    Unfortunately, the only kollel of this type I know of is Federal Koilel Alumni and Aspirants, where they prepare and sell and sometimes partake of the ketores hasamim by night in the hope that they just might find the same formula used by hmmm..the fake cohanim Jason and Menelaus during the pre-Chashmonaim era. Besides, it starts a few hours after sundown, not at chatzois, and I am not sure that it is located in Boro Park.


    Any real information, jokes aside?

    Thank you.


    As a matter of fact, there are such kollelim in EVERY SINGLE town in Israel. The point of such a kollel has nothing to do with being a nistar. Its about torah in the most appropriate hour. Almost every parsha in Zohar speaks of the importance of learning torah from Chatzos and on. These kind of Kollelim (paid or unpaid) are like “oichhel peiroseihem b’oilam hazeh”. Personally, i work from 9-5 every day and cannot learn when i come home from work. So i go to sleep after spending some time with the W&Ks.

    The average adult sleeps 6 hours. I tend to come home home from work at 5:30 go to sleep at 7:30 and get up at 1:30. That gives me more than 6 hours of learning time besides for Vasikin (a whole inyan in itself)!

    In addition, no phone calls, no errands and other interruptions etc.

    If people would just calculate the bitul zman that goes on at night, it would be an obvious choice. The most rewarding choice.


    try asking any Breslovers you know, they are very into to Kollel Chatzos and operate a lot in


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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