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    this video can be found on youtube. it will change your life.The world is getting a glimpse of our torah, they are learning to unite for peace and not for destruction. If we can show everyone that our world is capable of fighting against evil and conquering it, then evil will begin to realize that it stands no chance, and will disappear . If this happened 60 yrs ago, there would have been no holocaust.

    *adds 2,000,000 views abt every two hours!

    YW fan

    Maybe post a link!!!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Yw fan,

    It probably won’t go through bc of ywn’s policy

    YW fan

    Than how are we supposed to get to it?


    Go to Youtube and do a search for Kony2012

    Its the first video that comes up


    go on youtube and type in ‘Kony 2012’ if ur able to.


    A bunch of savages killing each other.


    @ gabi – are you referring to how most of the world view Jews? That we’re just a bunch of savages? That’s a very commonly held view, and I will fight against it.

    If you’re referring to Africans, can I remind you that if you live in Brooklyn, then you are in the county with the largest African-American population in the USA (I think). This is a public forum, and you don’t know who will read this page, or how they will interpret it. Please try to consider how your neighbors will interpret your statements.

    Kony 2012 sounds like a bit of a scam, but I support generosity to all people, whether they are hated minorities like Jews or children who have been forced to be soldiers in Czarist army… or Ugandan rebel army, for that matter.

    Luna Lovegood

    I posted this the other thread but I’ll post it again:

    I just saw the video and I am SPEECHLESS!!!

    How could something like this have been going on in the world for years and we are only hearing/doing something about it now?!?

    This sad excuse for human being is abducting, torturing and killing children and FORCING KIDS TO KILL THEIR PARENTS! and he should be stopped at all costs!!!

    This animal should be stopped and nothing like this should be allowed to happen again ever anywhere in the world.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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