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    I’ve been seeing ads for quite a while marketing kosher alarm clocks do be used on shabbas. They have special features which will minimize chillul shabbas. However there’s an issur derabanan called avsha milsa. Which is an issur forbiding people from doing something before shabbas which will cause a reaction on shabbas that makes a noise. People might think that you did that melacha on shabbas. R’ moshe feinstein writes that alarmm clocks would fall under this issur if they can be heard out side the bedroom by other occupants of the house because normally an alarm clock is set the previous night before going to sleep. I am astonished that there would be a company that markets kosher alarm clocks. I believe that an alarm clock on ones cellphone would not fall under this issur because once you input a time you don’t have to turn it on every night.


    I don’t have a kosher alarm clock so I don’t know how they work. I do have a travel alarm clock that I use for Shabbos. It beeps (not very loudly) for one minute and then is silent. It remains set from day to day. If a kosher alarm clock works like this, I don’t see your problem.


    kedushas levi

    I had one of those kosher alarm clicks. It was delicious. JK.

    I own one. They aren’t that loud and cant be heard outside of the room so I dont know what the problem would be.


    It is glatt kosher and is considered oineg shabbos and a great way to end your shabbos seudah, all the way down to its chocolatey, chewy center 🙂


    I saw a (controversial) lighting contraption that has some rabbis allegedly permitting it to be used on Shabbos to turn lights on and off.


    Baal Habooze

    Mine had a creme filling.

    yaakov doe

    I enjoyed mine this past Shabbos, but now I have a ringing in my stomach.

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