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    Mashgiach Agent, you show no yiras shamayim in your posts. Your lashon hara has no toeles attached and thus you are the one committing aveiros with every response.

    Shame on you for speaking in such an ill manner about not one but TWO organizations run by Frum Jews. You have given no proof, not told of anything definitive. If you had and you told the management or the Rabbi, that would be productive. Disparaging them publically for absolutely nothing means whatever you say means nothing. You are not reliable.

    I was there this summer. Did you know that the meat side was fine dining and table service only? No one would bother going to the dairy side with meat and if people brought meat to the dairy side it would be obvious given that both restaurants use completely different styles of service. The meat was served on real dishes, by waiters and was only open from 6-10 pm. The dairy was served on all disposable dishes with counter service.

    I ate at both restaurants and it was very clear to me that the kitchens were separate. In planning my trip, I spoke to Rabbi Zaltzman who assured me that there was absolutely zero going back and forth between kitchens by staff. Nothing is allowed to go from one kitchen to the other. Not people, and not food. Mistakes are possible in your home kitchen, or in pesach hotels that are not meant to be operated this way. They are not possible in two completely separate kitchens.

    In addition, COR is a superlative organization that uses the highest standards. They are world leaders in kashrut and kashrut research as well as supervision. Many of the most respected Rabbis in Canada are connected to the COR.

    If you persist in this shunda, I will do everything in my power to bring you to justice. I will inform the parties involved and they will set their lawyers on you. As they should.


    i think you better lawyer up for real thick trump walls to separate the restaurants or to drop the corruption of these hechserim that had no waiters there but handed trays of food to each guest. i was there a few times at different times of the day investigating.

    You can try to corrupt & fool your readers into thinking the hechshar is %100 honest without being light on certain kashrus halachos BUT you cant fool a mashgiach whose top priority is %100 percent kashrus with no exceptions or excuses. im allergic to flattery & any business that tried to flatter to let them do something against kashrus halachos instead got more serious requirements to keep their hechshar.

    no corruption or your heading for destruction


    Sometimes I wonder who is frummer, Joseph or Mashiach Agent


    What’s in my power is notifying them of your behaviour. I have notified them. See who will hire you once they know what a completely un frum jew you are, no matter how much you think you know about kashrut. Yiras Shamayim is the single biggest factor. You have none. You deserve what you get. I know I’ll be vacationing in Niagara Falls again and eating completely kosher food.


    when i was there any person could have eaten on either side of the room with no one stopping me from taking my pizza to the meat side of the wall.

    And even if you had done so, the next customer would still have gotten Kosher food.

    To tell the truth, I have brought outside drinks into a Kosher restaurant, so I don’t know if I can be trusted.


    Places really cannot always prevent people from bringing in outside food. People sneak it in. I saw many times at the Kosher Delight in manhattan people bringing outside food, they snuck it in and then its difficult to stop them


    MA: It seems to me that you have a specific agenda that does not accord with halachah. A restaurant with separate kitchens can serve both milchigs and fleishigs. They do not need a solid wall between the diners just like your dining room does not need a mechitza.


    your dining room table gets a table cloth. this restaurant has no tablecloths & everything goes straight on the table separated by a thin hot plate that make the table hot & becomes meat/dairy of the food you are eating. with people going to both sides all the time & noone stopping them telling them you have a meat meal & need to eat on the meat side. by now all the tables are treif


    Mashgiach Agent, you have lost your mind. All meat tables were coverecd with table cloths, just like your home.

    All meat was served formally, by waiters, directly to the table, on real dishes.

    Dairy tables were not covered and like just about every single kosher pizza joint in the world, there is counter service.

    It is very clear which side is which.

    You would have to be a complete idiot to think that with the mehitza up and your food on disposable plates that you could take it through the mehitza and eat it on a table fully set with real dishes. People who keep kosher are not stupid.

    Even a very highly experienced senior mashgiach (which I seriously hop you are not- because I would boycott that hashgacha seeing your behaviour is not as you are truly yiras shamayim) would understand that there is no treifus going on. There is a huge amount of motzi shem ra going on from you. Frum Jews do not behave the way you are behaving.


    MA: I am totally cofused by what you are saying. A table becomes treif because a KLI SHENI is on there?

    1. According to those that a KLI SHENI is not mevashel how can the table become treif?

    2. Is the plate actually a KLI SHEINI? It is only a safeik (unless you were in the kitchen) since they may transfer the cooked items from the KLI RISHON to some other dish BEFORE plating the dish. If that is the case then the plate swerved to the customer is a KLI SHLISHI and R’ Moshe TZATZAL holds a KLI SHLISI is not mevashel.

    3. If two strangers, 1 eating meat and 1 eating dairy can sit at the same table together without a some sort of heker between them AND two people who know each other under the same circumstances can sit at the same table with a heker why can’t this be done in a public restaurant?

    4. What year did you visit this restaurant?


    “Sometimes I wonder who is frummer, Joseph or Mashiach Agent”

    Fantastic line!

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