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    lamud vov tzadik

    Let’s see of there’s any kosher games for computer and ds and so on. Maybe someone could help me to find them. Here’s a few I could think of FIFA grand theft auto need for speed flight stimulater zoo tycoon I can’t think of any more. I’ve leave it to you guys to think of the rest.


    “grand theft auto”

    what?! gta is one of the most unkosher games out there


    I’ve played Grand Theft Auto, and besides for bad language here and there I didn’t see too much wrong with it, it’s possible that some are kosher and some are not.


    Grand theft auto — NOT


    Chess (many versions)

    Firaxis (originally Microprose) such as Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, etc.


    I doubt you’re serious, LVT, but you can just go down to the shop

    and look around – video games have descriptions and content ratings on the boxes. If you want to know about quality, check reviews sites – or, if you want recommendations from us, say so.

    If you’ve got a DS, I’m a fan of Metroid Fusion (one of Metacritic’s highest-rated games for the Game Boy Advance – I’m assuming your version of the DS can play GBA games, I vaguely remember something about some versions not being able to).


    You’re probably referring to the original “Grand Theft Auto,” now often known as “Grand Theft Auto 1.” Even that had pretty severe ratings (including an M from the ESRB), and you apparently didn’t notice the violence, or consider getting points for criminal activities a problem – for example, running people over, with more points if you do it in a stolen police car! (Note: I’m not giving my opinion – I’m just sure some people, particularly frum Jews, would consider this a problem.) Later entries in the series… wait, why am I addressing a (probable) troll?


    So a game that encourages you to break laws is kosher???


    GTA was a sarcastic remark,

    Personally I like Words with friends,


    Why play games on the computer. Go read a book, interact with real live people or play with friends.


    How old are you guys?

    Game Boys are for, well, boys.


    I like Roller Coaster Tycoon. I find that Railroad Tycoon is a bit confusing, though. Different company, different rules. Not all Tycoon games are from the same developers.

    For girls, I would recommend the Nancy Drew PC games. They’re pretty clean, and could be appropriate for a Jewish home with a few exceptions: one game covers Mayan culture, another has heavy Greek mythology themes, one game takes place in Ireland and you can see some Celtic crosses in the background of one scene and a couple of the games have particularly intense ghosts (that turn out to be fake in the end). Oh yeah, and Nancy does have a boyfriend and is often a character Nancy can call on her in-game phone for game hints, but that’s not a major part of the games and you can easily play them without having to bring that up at all. There are about 30 games in the series now, and it’s at the parent’s discretion to determine which ones are suitable for their homes.

    There used to be a series of Jewish games about the Shoftim called Tanach Quest. Not sure where to find it anymore, though. It may be a bit disturbing for young players, though, because — believe it or not — there’s a bit of bloody violence and jump scares from villainous characters you have to kill with axes and knives.

    You can also use a ROM emulator to play old arcade games like Pacman, Joust, and Paperboy.

    Letakein Girl

    I love the Delicious series.

    bp yidd

    Gta?!? Are you serious?!!?


    If there’s ever a contest to find the most surprising CR post, my entry is the post above mine (assuming it’s this one – )

    bp yidd

    Y what’s so surprising ?


    bp yidd:

    A Satmar bocher, especially one who had not given

    the impression that he knew very much about the

    outside world (you), knowing the acronym (roshei teivos) “GTA?”

    For you, being a Satmar bocher, that might not be

    so surprising, but to me it was.


    A satmar bochur who bought himself a smartphone is a bit worldly I guess….

    bp yidd

    I know what it is but I didn’t know the acronym (I had to look up what that means btw) I

    Saw the other posts and I figured gta stands for grand theft auto I’ve never played it but I’ve seen it once and trust me it’s not kosher

    bp yidd

    @ivory. I know more then you



    bp yidd:

    Now that post isn’t so surprising anymore…

    Please tell me you know what roshei teivos means.

    bp yidd

    Of course I do


    @ivory. I know more then you


    I know more then you. Yay. I am so cool.


    He’s also a prophet.. Because a. He knows who I am just from posting here and b. he knows what I know


    WATCH: New Gaza Video Game Teaches Armed Resistance, No Negotiations

    Suddenly, Grand Theft Auto sounds pretty tame….

    bp yidd

    I didn’t say I know more then you I said I more then you think I know


    Digital versions of Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne (both best-selling, award-winning
    board games) are free to download from the Epic Games Store until February 13.

    Reb Eliezer


    Burnt Steak

    Most sports games are pretty clean. Off the top of my head I can think of these sports gamest:
    FIFA, Madden, 2K (basketball), MLB the Show, Rocket League, NHL.

    Minecraft is very popular and clean. Almost all Nintendo and Lego games are clean, Mario, Smash, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario Cart, Lego Star wars, Lego Batman.

    A lot of simulation games are clean and more popular than you might expect. You got Farm Simulator, Duck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, a lot of flight simulators.


    One GTA game (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) was so treif that when someone found deleted content on the disk, it pushed Hilary Clinton to tighten restraints on selling games to children.

    In no particular order, here are some “kosher” games that I play and allow my children to play. They are all technically bad for the Jews as they lead to bitul Torah.

    • NetHack
    • Dwarf Fortress
    • All the major Mario games, from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Odyssey
    • Portal and Portal 2 (some kol isha at the end)
    • Harvest Moon 64
    • Lemmings
    • Super Hexagon
    • Minecraft (offline of course)
    • Space Chem
    • TIS-100
    • Snake
    • Overcooked (especially fun with friends)
    • Snake Pass
    • Humongous Entertainment games, especially the Putt Putt, Freddie Fish, and Pajama Sam series’s
    • Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal (or just about any tower defense game)
    • Hexcells
    • Braid
    • Crayon Physics Deluxe
    • SpaceCom
    • Osmos
    • Any game in the Civilization series
    • SimCity
    • Cities: Skylines
    • Anno 1492 AKA Dawn of Discovery
    • Ticket to Ride
    • Thomas was Alone
    • World of Goo
    • A Mind Forever Voyaging

    You should note that I consciously did not include the excellent point-and-click adventure game The Shivah on this list. Because, despite the only game I can think of (Crusader Kings II doesn’t count) that has a frum person as the protagonist, it has a bit of violence and some bad language in it that may be to unkosher for a nice Jewish household.


    Dwarf Fortess can be pretty violent though I suppose you may be less offended by the ASCII representation. However, if you read the blow by blow battle reports the violence is very detailed.

    Sports Management games such as Football Manager are pretty benign and promote critical thinking as well math and budgeting.

    Reb Eliezer

    5ish, you should have called yourself ‘ghoti’, gh as rough, o like women, ti as nation together fish. Maybe it should be ‘ghivoti’.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    You didn’t specify age, so here’s a few

    Freddie Fish
    Pajama Sam
    Purple Place


    @5ish Some people may not like games with major league sports as it encourages following teams which is also not something many people may like.

    I can’t imagine how reading something like “Urist McDorf latches on firmly to the goblin’s right middle finger with his teeth! It goes flying off!” would be unkosher.


    why are all of you wasting time on this nonsense? there is no black and white rules for hashkafa and too decide if you can play games like these. it all depends on how you want to influence yourselves or educate your kids. there too much gray area (leaving aside the topic of using computers and smartphones for entertainment).
    in addition, why would you trust random people regarding personal matters? go to a rav or someone you can trust to get a true haskuma.


    Offworld Trading Company is currently free on the EGS. I haven’t played it, but I highly
    doubt it has any questionable content. How accessible it is might be a different story.

    (Yserbius – It’s been described as an economic RTS and was designed by the lead designer for Civ IV.)

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