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    Anyone have it? I hear it is expensive. Is it worth it?

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    Yes I do, it’s not bad (12.95 per month) it blocks sportsillustrated, yet not mlb it’s a pain with searching, what specifically are you doing on the net?


    I believe this topic was once discussed.

    We have the Jnet. The advantage of it is that it filters the line. No programs are necessary to install. Further, all computers connecting on the line will also be filtered. Fee – $34.95 / mo. There are disadvantages also.


    ZeesKite: What are the disadvantages?

    me too

    I have it as part of a package with Xchagetele (dont know if they still offer it) phone+dsl+filtering here is a copy of my latest Xchantele bill

    Recurring Charges for: Number: (999) xxx 9999

    Description Period Amount

    Unlimited USA + DSL 7/09/11 – 8/08/11 30.95

    Internet Filtering – Koshernet 7/09/11 – 8/08/11 14.95

    Resi OnNet DSL 768K/128K MTM 7/09/11 – 8/08/11 9.00

    FCC line charge 7/09/11 – 8/08/11 6.50

    Network access charge 7/09/11 – 8/08/11 4.50

    Local Number Portability 7/09/11 – 8/08/11 0.23

    Subtotal 66.13

    Plus Taxes and Surcharges

    We have the lowest level filter becuse of the nature of my wife’s biz (fashion) I cannot get video no matter the source Aish etc

    My connection can be sluggish. havent figured out whether it is my computer, Verizon or the server


    Why don’t you use k9. Its free.


    k9 is great. Free and does the job.

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    Just downloaded k-9. Perfect so far. I hope it blocks advertising.


    There are sites that I need, and cannot access. Sometimes Jnet can open a specific site, sometimes they cannot. Price is also an issue. Another big disadvantage is that they only offer filtered dsl (through Verizon), we’d love to have cable, but can’t because there’s no filtered line.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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