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    Please tell me why this is not a thing in 2018. Anti semitism is at an all time high. yeshiva boys are not prepared for the physical dangers of living in galus (spiritual ones too but that is a separate subject).



    The liberals would whine about schools promoting violence. Wait until the President gets another conservative justice on the Supreme Court.


    If Every school had mandatory exercise​/ gym we would be wau ahead of the game.


    I think the yeshivos in EY should learn it, so the bochurim will be able to protect themselves from the yassam and balashim.


    the odds of your average bachur getting attacked are very very small

    Avi K

    Bachurs might get too excited during arguments with their chevrutot.


    Please spread this poisonous nonsense somewhere else, a Yid is meant to sit and learn, period. Not behave like Esav like what you are proposing…


    yanky you cant bring me a raiyah from there bec. even with that you still need to know how to defend yourself but you are right in a way bec. once the bachurim start they wont stop


    I like the idea The only problem with this is that not all bochurim have seichel, so they might use it against another bocher or any other yid CHAS VESHOLOM

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    If you want the boys to learn krav maga make sure the girls know it first so they can defend themselves.


    First, you have to know that I trained karate when I was young, so I’m biased.

    I think that all yeshivot and bais Yaakovs should train the students in self defense/krav maga. It serves two purposes, besides the obvious one of being prepared.

    1) It makes students feel more sure of themselves and less vulnerable, This will also spill over into their daily lives so that they are less aggressive or fearful. If an instructor feels that a student is a possible problem he should inform the mashgiach and if necessary get the person evaluated.

    Plus, people who have trained are less likely in the first place to be bothered. There are subtle differences in the way one carries oneself that are picked up by potential aggressors and warn them off. A psychologist in New York once did a study in which he asked convicted muggers how they chose their victims, and showed them films, asking “Is this a person you would be likely to try to mug?” There was a specific set of behaviors that act as “tells” for a potential mugger. Training in self defense gets rid of most of them.

    2) It’s excellent exercise, and will help young people to keep fit, and incidentally help the “AD” type kids focus during the rest of the school day.

    And, yes, there are female krav maga instructors, even in the US, especially on the Est Coast, so tnzius shouldn’t be an issue in protecting our girls.


    Interesting idea.


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