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    How will we dance Simcha Torah for completing the reading the whole Torah, when we are missing so many weeks?


    You aren’t reading them at home? I assume well count that..


    I heard from Rabi heinemann that when we are allowed to open shuls, the first shabbos we will lein all the missed parshiyos.


    I went through this sugya last week and there are at least 6 different shitos (that I’m aware of) discussed in the poskim on how Klal Yisroel can deal with the “missed lainings” situation once we’re zoiche to rachamei shamayim again – and the great Master of the World will permit us to return berov am into his mikdashei me’at. I have a nice list of marei mekoimos to share, but for now, please start with the Rema in Hilchos Krias Hatorah 135:2. I will bli neder elaborate once I’m feeling well enough bez”h.

    May we all continue engaging with Hashem’s Torah to the best of our abilities in whatever predicament Hashem chooses to test us in!


    There are 3-4 opinions quoted in MB. See OC 135:2 in Rama, and the various people below.
    One is that you have to do them all. Another is that you don’t go back more than the begining of the current Chumash, which would mean back to Vayikra, because you only do multiple parshiyos if you can overlap the gap with a single aliya, and you can’t have a single aliya cross over between Pikudei and Vayikra. And one opinion is to only make up one week, like tefilas tashlumin for Shmoneh Esreh, that you can only make up the last one. That shitah has two variations, either to do just plain one extra week. The other version is to do no more than 2 parshiyios on one Shabbos no matter what. That means if either the week you resume, or the week you are trying to make up has 2 scheduled parshiyios, there would not be any makeup, because that would require 3. At this time that would mean that if we’re back in business by Shmini, so we’d do Tzav and Shmini. But if it takes longer, three of the following four weeks are double parshiyos, so there would be no makeup at all. Unless it drags out all the way until Naso, then you could do BAmidbar and NAso. By that time we’ll be off from Israel beacuse the second day of Shavuos, they’ll be laining NAso in Israel, which we won’t get to until the following week. Oy it’s complicated. I’ve seen that Rabbi Heinemann has been machria to do them all whenever we get back to normal.


    I know that my sons yeshiva in EY, when achron shel pesach was on shabbos leined shmini and tazria metzora for the American andEuropean bochrim who returned before shabbos tazria metzora and then leined tazria metzora and achrei mos kedoshim for those who returned to EY after parshas tazria metzora.


    Clarification: and then leined tazria metzora and achrei mos kedoshim for those who returned to EY after parshas tazria metzora was leined in EY.

    That same year my cousin’s yeshiva, where most of the bochrim from chutz laaretz returned on the sunday afterparshas shmini in chutz laaretz,his yeshiva leined tazria metzora and achrei mos kedoshim the following shabbos.


    When this first started there were a few shuls still open and I was told that as long as at least one shul in the neighborhood read the torah, there were opinions that this was good enough.

    As the backup gets larger and larger, I suspect something along the lines that there would be one minyan of 10 men who would read all the missing leining for the entire community however long it takes. Perhaps with a fast reader as it could be significant and change Baal Koreh so people go eat, rest room and other needed breaks. but if the Minyan started around Netz and countinued until Rabbenu Tam time, you could probably do most of the missing in on Shabbos


    As mentioned on a previous thread, it isnt clear that te Remah (and presumably the MB who is commenitng on on him, is analagous ot our case.

    The Rema is quoting an Ohr Zarua. the case there is where the Tzibur got together on shabbos but didnt lain. This is not our situation. Assuming Krias Hatorah is a chov on the Tzibur which I beleive is the common view) Thus even if a Tzibbur who got together, (thereby having a chiyuv but not fulfilling it) , that they have to make it up, We who’s tzibur sadly did not get together therby never was a chiyuv we MAY not have a chiyuv to make up even according to those there who require it.

    “By that time we’ll be off from Israel beacuse the second day of Shavuos, they’ll be laining NAso in Israel,”

    Why wouldnt they lain Bamidbar? (assuming they arent making up all the parshiyos or if they follow shitah that dont combine Seforim) What reason is there NOT to lain (just) Bamidbar. then they can be in sync with Chutz laaretz combining chukas and Balak and still fulfill Devarim before Tisha Baav. They gain an “extra ” PArsah – Bamdibar , with no down side (that I can see) other than it being a tad confusing

    Reb Eliezer

    People should do שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום also on the parshiyos missed as in SA O’CH 146,2, you can do it in the middle of krias hatorah. According to the Shlah Hakadash, it can be done on the parshiyos ending with a (פ, ס).


    FWIW, my policy is to always prepare the laining, even if I know I’m not going to be actually laining that day (either because I’m away at a simcha or a Bar Mitzvah is laining in shul). I’m continuing to prepare each week and I read it from my tikkun at home on Shabbos morning.

    As to what I will do when I finally go back to shul? Simple. I will ask the Rav of my shul what to do and I will follow his directives. If he says to read all the missed parshiyos, I will do so. If he says to read some of them, I will do so. And if he says to only read the current parsha when we return, I will do so.

    The Wolf


    Wolf: As noted previously, in addition to your Rav,

    There is nothing funny about kiddush club.

    Especially now. 


    There is nothing funny about kiddush club.

    I don’t know what the comment was, but I’ll state for the record that my shul does not have a “kiddush club.”

    The Wolf

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