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    In other words, are these characters a real danger and potential roidfim or moisrim, or are they, as I believe, a bunch of immature (fill in your favorite pejorative term) who never grew up and just seek attention? Are they worth bothering with or are they just fun to have around to have someone to demonize and perhaps as the object of a little bit of Purim Torah type leitzanus?

    While I did coin the phrase Ku Klux Karta based on the presence of Duke ymach shmo at the conference in Iran that was disgraced by the Teheran Five and a Half (Herr Oberrabiner Freaky Freedy – Imam Moussa Assad al-Faraj al-Majnoun – who is a flyweight in every sense of the word and who is even more intent on getting negative attention than the other leitzim, is the half), I hereby bestow upon these wannabes the more realistic name of Ku Klutz Karta.

    I don’t think that they do any damage to anyone anymore, even if they once attracted negative attention with their antics. I certainly don’t think there is any reason to argue with them or demonstrate against them when they show up to make fools of themselves – unless you want to hand them bags of screws to replace the ones they are missing (but remember to toivel the screws).

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