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    First of all they hijacked the name of the real NK, which is a holy organization by holy people. I would not dignify them by recognizing their misuse of the NK use. Perhaps your kkk analogy is poor, considering the original name is not theirs. BTW do you know the history of how they have hijacked the name or if the real NK is still around and/or objects to these fellows using it?

    Second, I don’t think any harm is done by their actions. Can anyone rationally, and specifically, explain how by doing what they do anyone is harmed? I just don’t see it. In fact, I am sympathetic to the argument that they build a bridge to those in power in the Iranian regime that perhaps may be useful one day. And that they make a loud distinction between Judaism and Zionism, that otherwise many people (the uninformed) may equate one with the other. Any thoughts on this point?

    Third, I don’t understand why some people go meshuga everytime these guys are in the news. Everytime theres a story, you get all the usual catcalls of reshoyim, moiserim, cheirim, and rotzchim. None of these categories legitimately apply. Think about that. Who are they maasering? No one. Which Beis Din ever put them in cheirim? None. They are attention-seekers are not worthy of our time, but certainly none of those adjectives apply to them.

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