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    For standing up against Maharat Weiss’s malshinus in today’s times. If you aren’t on their email list, maybe you’ll see it soon.


    Rabbi Avi Shafran, official spokesperson for Agudath Israel of America, has published essays in the New York Times. I presume that a condemnation of Rabbi Shafran by the RCA will be forthcoming.



    It isn’t too late, you can still leave. We will be happy to welcome you back.

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    Here’s the email, btw:

    Rabbinical Council of America

    28 Shevat 5774

    January 29, 2014

    Dear chaver,

    Today, a member of the RCA has chosen to take his case against the Chief Rabbinate to the pages of the New York Times. While there are issues that challenge the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, both internally and with regard to the worldwide Jewish community, the RCA strongly objects to the airing of these issues in the general media. Doing so undermines the integrity of Halakah and the Jewish community in the larger world. We are proud of our recent agreement with the Chief Rabbinate on behalf of our members and our communities, and remain committed to work be-darkei no’am on behalf of Torah and klal Yisrael. We urge our members to discuss these issues with their communities.


    It’s interesting to note that Avi Weiss’ article is not written as from an RCA member but (Rabbi) Avi Shafran’s articles identify him as Director of Public Affairs, Agudath Israel of America.

    Back to the question at hand, if Avi Weiss publishes an attack on the RCA not by name, it’s fair for the RCA to publish an attack on Avi Weiss not by name.

    Drey kup

    That statement from the RCA is quite tame.


    I presume the RCA will also be censuring the dozens of its members who signed a public letter attacking Rabbi Lopatin a few months ago.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    What did they attack him for?


    I would like to repeat a well known story.

    There was an elderly fellow in Florida who went to the doctor for a check up. He decided this time to drive himself and to take his own route. He was driving along when his wife calls him on the phone and says “Hymie, I just hoid in de radio that there is some Meshugener driving da wrong way in de highway, you be very careful!!!”

    Hymie responded in shock, “what do you mean A Meshugener? I see hundreds if them driving the wrong way. “


    Charlie: Did they put it in the New York Times? Was the target audience other people within the community, or the American community?

    You don’t need to answer. They put it in Haaretz and the target audience was certainly within the community.

    Look, I’m sorry you got led down this road by a charlatan, but now isn’t the time to double down. Now is the time to leave. Call him up, say, rabbi, you’re a fraud and you’ve been taking people away from Hashem, and I’m leaving you.

    You can still leave. And if I was your wife I’d sit in the entrance of our tent and comb my hair so that you couldn’t go join him.


    PBA: what are you even saying? Keep your lashon horoh and mechutzafdig behavior to real apikorsim, instead of slandering a fine character as Charliehall.


    No offense meant. But when you lie with adas korach, you wake up with fleas.


    Dont be so harsh on the fleas.


    +1 to Popa

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