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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Sam, others calculated the Tzlach’s (double) k’zayis as smaller.

    My point isn’t about the actual shiur, though, it’s about the dimissive, disparaging attitude being displayed towards the Tzlach’s shittah.


    I know it is a bit early, but I wanted to share some marei mekomos I came across last year in the Mesifta Hagada.

    first a recap, the discussion began about size of a “kezayis” and somebody brought the obligatory kvetching about how hard it is to eat modern day “kezaysim”.

    I pointed out strictly mesevara that the discussion regarding size of “kezayis” always struck me as starnge, since a kezayis is the MINIMUM amount needed to be considred an achila. It isnt a goal to strive/struggle towards. There is something wrong with the sizing if eating a kezayis is a struggle for a normal person.

    I maintained that the Mitzva is eating matza period. As all mitzvahs there are techinical (sometimes critical) halachas, minimum shiur: kezayis, maximum shiur: Achila Gasa, time frame: Kedei achilas pras etc etc.

    I didnt bring any rayahs since this seemed obvious to me. There is no Gemara that brings a limud how much Matza needs to be eaten, like any achila (both mitzvos and issurim), any less that a kezayis simply isnt called eating.

    DY and Sam2 pointed out that the implication of my statment is that there is a mitzva/hidur of some sort to eat more than a kezayis a notion they disagreed with.

    Here are some marei mekomos:

    Rambam 6:1 is mashma this way. He says “there is a mitzvas aseh to eat matza period (literaly)…once a person has eaten a kezayis he is yotzeh yedei chovoso” He does not say There is a mitzva to eat a kezayis matza.

    (Diyuk brought in moadim uzemanim)

    Bach brings besehm Maharl that all eating matza leshem mitzva is part of the mitzvah.

    Kehilas Yaakov kidushin siman 34 brings the same idea besehm the shiltos and brings many raayas (Its actually a very nice read, though I dont own a kehilas yaakov so i havent seen it in a while now)

    Reb Eliezer

    There are two measurements, eggs or fingers.
    Finger measurement turned out to be greater than the egg measurement.

    Tzlach in Pesochim 115 says the eggs diminished in size.
    His talmid Rabbi Elozor Flekles says his Rebbe had big fingers.

    Rabbi Chaim Noeh must accept the talmid’s view.



    Earlier in the thread you had said
    “Ubiquitin, I don’t get your point either. Are you saying: A) There’s an inyan to eat more than the minimum shiur… I disagree with A.”

    Since that time I have been doing some reasarch on what I found to be an interesting question, namely is there a mitzva to eat more than a kezayis.
    I was hoping to write up a “shtickel” the problem is I could hardly find a source saying there was no mitzva, which makes it a bit difficult (though not impossible) to write much of interest.

    I was wondering if you had any sources, outright or implied, that there is no benefit by eating more than a kezayis of matzah (as you said)

    Reb Eliezer

    The halacha is that matzoh that is biblical we consider the Tzlach’s view and eat on the first day of Pesach two kezaisim.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Ubiquitin: not off hand. I’ll try to find.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The Mishna Berurah in Hilchos Lulav says that being machmir on various stringent shittos is hidur mitzvah.

    Perhaps that would extend to the shiur of k’zayis for eating matzah.

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