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    Media is calling the boro park protest the mask burning protest. Funny how a few people maybe threw mask into the bonfire, even though I have yet to see it on video, and suddenly it’s not a protest for our rights it’s a mask burning event. There is a video on youtube (Link Removed)
    Which was an actual mask burning event in South Dakota happened in August, and yet no coverage or accusations.

    Of course when it comes to jews there is a double standard. How long can we get out and prove the unfairness? Noone cares. The question is how do we stop this or if it’s even possible to stop this anti semitism outbreak at this point. There are many articles of stores not letting in jews including a cleaners on kingston avenue crown heights putting up picture and derogatory articles of jews all over their store, and another pottery shop in brooklyn refusing entry to people from red zip codes, in other words jews.

    This is serious. It’s the same exact thing that happened in germany. For now they are still apologizing after these incidents since they are scared of declined business, but they get more and more brazen. What’s next NO JEWS ALLOWED signs on the stores? They already refusing entry to jews in certain stores.

    I was surprised to see mostly positive comments on youtube videos showing the Jewish protests. Many standing up for jews rights and also against the masks since it is about control. I’m not sure how long that will last or if it’s enough to stop the anti semites.

    Of course at this point we all need to wear a mask regardless of what we feel. At least wear it on your chin while walking if it bothers you. But again whats worse is that we are already past the breaking point of masks or not. Yes that is what attracted attention, that and the gatherings. But now we are already facing jewish red zones, stores starting to refuse jewish entry, and people claiming the Jews have covid and carrying diseases. As if every new constantly has it.

    Fear turns into hatred. The media and government have done a great job in instilling fear into everyone’s minds. And that fear had turned into hatred towards the Jews. I’m afriad it will only get worse especially with the government being relentless with their hatred.


    Dog bites man – not news.
    Man bites dog = news.

    Reb Eliezer

    I heard a joke where a goy from Boro Park wants to convert because he doesn’t like to wear mask.


    The only reason I can think of jews having an issue with mask is a subconscious of being forced to wear something throughout the generations to distinguish us. But everyone has to wear it not just jews. Maybe the other reason is because we feel we can see past this whole conspiracy and not brainwashed by media. Nevertheless we need to do it since the sheep are wearing it even when driving alone in the car with
    the windows closed. You can’t fight that.


    @rightwriter >> being forced to wear something throughout the generations to distinguish us

    Don’t worry – 200 years from now, Jews in Chinese yeshivas will be all wearing masks “because our ancestors oere them in NYC”

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