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    I need help/inspiration to take on a daily tefilla.

    At the moment my life is extremely difficult and I should be doing all I can to daven but I find the opposite – I am finding it so much more difficult.


    end your day a little earlier. so you can wake up a half hour earlier in the morning to daven to Hashem from your heart & may hashem hear all your tefillos & answer you

    if you already daven daily, perhaps start to say the tehillim daily by the month

    or say perek Shira which is a big z’chus for help directly from Hashem


    focus first on talking to Hashem informally. hashem help me get out of bed in the morning, find a clean bathroom at the doctors office etc.. Once you feel like hashem is part of your sounding board formal tefillah will come easier. remember that hashem never disregard what you say he either esponds Yes, not yet, or, I have a better plan. not that we always understand the plan….


    If you are finding Davening difficult just when you need it most, many have shared this with you. Just remember the little bit of calling out to Hashem that you do manage to accomplish, even if it’s just a sigh (while having Hashem in mind) is very powerful when it is so hard.


    I’m so glad I decided to check out this topic. I can so relate. It’s very hard to have kavanah when ur really feeling down. I like the answers everyone gave. I know I must try harder.


    sit down for 2 minutes each night when your mind is clear. & speak straight to hashem from your heart (called hisbodedus) ask Hashem for anything you need help in (emothional, spiritual or financial needs etc…)

    Hashem loves every child of his & is waiting to hear your voice from your heart with feeling & sincerity (versus just reading from a siddur)

    I wish you lots of Hatzlacha

    Happy Go Lucky!!

    Why is this titled “Ladies Davening”? Men have that problem too. Believe me, men have their ups and downs too.


    Mashiach Agent – I hope I can try. Sometimes it’s just an empty feeling but I will IY”H try to start off with Hisbodedus and just speak my heart to Hashem.

    Happy go lucky – I was wondering the same thing about the title.

    Hatzlacha to anyone who’s having trouble with this.


    I wrote “ladies davening” because we don’t have the same chiyov as men?


    I don’t understand why that’s a question?


    Tefillah is a Mitzva D’Oraisa that women are also obligated to perform. There are different opinions on exactly how much / how many times a day women must daven. They are not obligated in Tefillah B’Tzibur like men, or in completing all 3 Tefillos every day.

    Having said that, the necessity of davening in an Eis Tzarah, and the difficulty in doing so when a person is feeling sad and broken, is a real problem for a lot of people, not just for you personally, mazaltov.

    I’ve been following the suggestions people have given here too.

    And for those who know of a friend who is sick going through a hard time- this is a reason to daven for others who may have a hard time doing so themselves.

    Shopping613 🌠

    That’s what happens MAZAL.Don’t push yourself. Its assur to take things on during a spiritual low. Just try and let things flow and talk to G-d in your own words

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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