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    If men bore children they’d be back at the office that afternoon. It would be an outpatient procedure, and the epidural would have never been invented.

    Heh. We’ll never know, will we?


    yeah right -if men give birth then we would all only have one child. If we would take turns then maybe three – wife, husband, wife. No man would do it twice.


    Hooray! One less thread I brought grinding to a halt!

    (Someone posting something after this, please.)


    MG you can say that again, PBA is a good boy but didnt yet acompenied his wife to the hospital, men would never do that.


    deiyezooger: Whose side you on anyway?


    There is a reason it’s painful. Men if they were able to -would give birth without pain because we didn’t do the same Aveira as Chava.


    It isn’t always by choice

    –former Hatzolah grunt.


    Nebech Nebech will I feel bad for a woman who chooses a home birth and then something very simple happens, like the cord being wrapped around the baby’s neck (about 1 in 5 births acc. to our DR.)

    I’m scared to think what would happen to the woman who does this to herself. She will be traumatized for life while she regrets the stupidity of her decision.

    The information that having a home birth is safer is irrelevant. I will explain.

    Imagine the following. (Its just an imaginary example)

    In USA, 1% of people die in car accidents. In the UK, its 0.25% but .50% die because of murder.

    Where would you choose to live?

    The answer is obviously, in USA, because the deaths in the road in the USA (even though it is more than the death rate overall in UK) are part of life as oppose to an extreme violent unnatural reason.

    Same is with birth.

    You can give birth in a hospital where they are prepared for almost any normal thing that goes wrong. You are in a safe environment (with a 1% chance of death for whichever reason, be it infection or whatever ) with people to help you in the natural most normal way of the procedure.

    Having a home birth, you are unprepared, and to watch your baby die in your arms (and the wife, because of bleeding etc etc) that THIS scenario would’ve been prevented in the hospital, is one sad situation I would not want to be part of.


    According to Reb Zev Leff Shlit’a, Reb Elyashiv said it is a Sakana to give birth at home and he holds it is Assur.


    “Easy for you to say, isn’t it? I have often said that if it were the men who bore the children each family would have one child. There would be no risk of overpopulation anywhere in the world. Countries like China would never have to pass a “one child” law. Men are wooses – as a former ER nurse, I could provide you with countless stories to back up my “woos” statement. “

    lol. Couldnt agree more. Men wouldnt do anything that involves pain more than once.


    “Men wouldnt do anything that involves pain more than once.”

    Like I said -we wouldn’t have any pain!


    I can now say – I would (and did) have a homebirth.

    Easiest and most painless birth I’ve had.


    yacr85, I am going to play along with your “imaginary example” for a moment. Say the roads in the US were drive-able but very dangerous – ditches everywhere, falling rocks, car-jackers around every corner – would you still choose to move to the US?? How about if no one in the position to change the current road safety situation in the US cared to do so? This is the current state of obstetric care in the US.

    You go on to say in a hospital you are in a safe environment “…with people to help you in the natural most normal way of the procedure.” Most of the “helping” that is done to patients in the labor and delivery ward is totally opposite of natural and normal! (Does inserting a secretion from a pig into a woman’s body fall under the category of natural and normal??) Most complications arise in hospitals as a result of the unnatural procedures that are so commonly done and inhibit the natural birthing process that Hashem created a woman’s body capable of doing.

Viewing 13 posts - 101 through 113 (of 113 total)
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