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    Joe Schmo

    A Lakewood Police Officer, John Wilson, gave a summons to a Lakewood Hatzolah member after claiming he pulled up too close to the scene of the pedestrian struck and did not obey him when telling him to move.

    The Hatzolah member pulled up to the intersection at 7th and Clifton with emergency lights flashing, and parked his car right up to the white line of the intersection when officer Wilson yelled at him to get back into his car and move it. The Hatzolah member immediately got back into his car-before attending to the patient-and moved back his car.

    While the Hatzolah member was attending to the patient, the officer called in his plate over the radio and when the member returned to his car, the officer gave him the summons for not obeying a police officer.


    jO jO

    More from another news website:

    A local volunteer paramedic says that the ticket will be disputed and that the police should have used better judgment in administering a summons to a Hatzolah volunteer responding to a call.

    Officer Wilson radioed in the violation and was accompanied shortly thereafter by another officer. Reb Daniel was accompanied by veteran Hatzolah member Avi Braude who also responded to the call.

    Despite the strange turn of events, Reb Daniel was calm and collected, acted with utmost respect, and accepted the summons from the officer.

    An investigation will be conducted into the incident.


    If I’m correct the officer is a rookie and probably has not had his “sensitivity training” class yet!

    Reb Daniel is a real mentsch and it is no surprize to me that he was calm & acted with utmost respect.


    don”t forget we are in Golus


    Truly an outrage!!

    Here is more from another news website:

    At 7:05 p.m. a call went out for a pedestrian struck while riding his bike on 7th and Clifton.

    Hatzolah members rushed to the scene to treat the patient. Unit 31 was one of the first responders at the scene.

    Upon exiting his car to rush and treat the patient Officer Wilson (badge 289) demanded that he move his car so as not to block the intersection.

    Despite the unfolding emergency the member went back to his car and backed up as per the request of the officer.

    Hatzolah members at the scene were truly shocked at the occurrence. While a similar incident has occurred in the past Hatzolah and the L.P.D. have a very good amicable working relationship.

    Neither Police officials nor officials at the Lakewood Hatzolah were available for comment.

    The patient was rushed to Jersey Shore University Medical Center where he is listed in stable condition.’

    just me

    I am not surprised. Many years ago in Brooklyn, a Hatzalah memeber was arrested and acually pull off the ambulance on his way to a call. The cop said he was speeding. Yeah.

    As getzel1 said, we are in galus and shouldn’t forget it.


    we have a great relationship with the Lakewood pd, mistakes happen, i am certain an apology will follow the dismissal of the ticket & lets not blow this mistake up!


    Might not this be a dumb mistake by one rookie cop? Must everything rise to the level of a theological confirmation of galus? Let’s wait to see what the LPD does in this case before we jump.

    In my professional work I have had contact with the LPD personnel who liaison with the yeshiva community; they are “good cops,” – they have Roshei HaYeshiva on their speed dials, are sensitive to community issues and, I might add, have striven successfully to learn about “us” and to understand “our issues.”


    So What?

    A cop made a mistake. The judge will throw it out. Done.


    GAW, mistake? How can you mistaken a car with flashing lights and sirens coming to the scene of an emergency? Unless you’re from the police dept as well…


    mepal: Maybe he thought it was Chavairim?


    The police officer should be arrested for interfering with patient care! The Hatzolah member has a right to park his care wherever he feels necessary to protect him and his patient. The police officer should have never gotten involved.


    Chaverim is not a medical/emergency service, and does not use lights and sirens. So that is one “mistake” he could not make. The cop clearly knew Hatzolah was a medical emergency service. No “mistake” about it.


    It was all a mistake. But police are of a higher status than hatzala and hatzlala should listen to the police, once the patient was stabilized. Why cant you judge favorably? We would like them to judge us favorably… why be so angry at the police? mayeb the hatzala man was not officially parked correctly so the policeman didnt realize he was on “call”. The patient is ok and the two of them will sort it all out. Maybe the police will retract the ticket…

    People didnt like it (as someone mentioned above) that the president took offense with the “beer conference” and called the police officer “stupid”… We shouldnt jump on the police officer either. It is not all about US VS. THEM. We are in galus and need to follow the rules.


    Mezonos Maven: correction: chaverim inl lakewood is an emergency service, as they all recived training

    Jersey Jew

    I guess the cop wasnt good at history and what happened to the last Lakewood PO that didnt use common sense with the yiddin.


    I believe the jews should use their majority voting bloc in Lakewood to install a friendly government.


    IT IS NOT a conspiracy against the Jewish community! How come it seems that many people who live in certain cities in America seem to think that when something happens to a frum person, it must have an anti-Semitic background. Ever think that something could be a mistake? Ever think that it was a newbie who didnt know about hatzala’s status? Ever wonder how the goyim must think about us, reacting to non-issues like a war was about to start because of it????


    you dont want the lakewood cops to be too friendly! otherwise our town will b a wild west! (in terms of driveing behavior)


    This is not because of Galus, it is because a probably inexperienced cop was overzealously doing his job. It had to be obvious with the lights flashing, that the Hatzalah man had the right to be there. The cop made a mistake and the ticket will be thrown out. Fortunately the acident victim was stabilized, or he might have had a lawsuit in having been denied immediate critical emergency care because of this. I applaud the Rabbi for his composure under the circumstances. Don’t the Hatzalah members carry special ID that shows they are allowed to be there?

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