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    Scary thing happening-i am afraid of the chillul Hashem – this will be publicized, and it is so terrible – Any suggestions about what to do to counteract a chillul Hashem? I am going to say some tehillim – all suggestions welcome.


    We can’t offer any suggestions without you explaining to us exactly what happened.


    I have no idea what youre talking about. Care to elaborate?


    Chilul Hashem? Usually, “an Israeli man” refers to a secular Israeli, sadly often an unfortunate descendant of the victims of the shmad in the maabarot, who may well pose as a frum man while committing crimes against bnei Torah in frum neighborhoods. There are tens, if not hundreds, of these fallen Yidden from EY committing tzedoko scams all over Brooklyn, so sadly I am not surprised that they made it to Lakewood as well.


    seaallsides- Kol Hakavod, excellent proactive suggestion, as oppossed to just reading the allegations in disbelief. Tehilim and introspection are very appropriate as well asking Hashem for Rachmonos for all of us as we wage our own pesonal battles to overcome our Yetzer Hara as well.

    If the allegations are true the Dan Lekaf Zechus is that this person must have had a very difficult life.To do thievery of this type their is something more then being just a common thief,as even mafia types draw the line and do not steal from charities.

    Hashem Yerachem that we should all continue on the right path,and be able to overcome all our nisyonos.May we only have simchas in Klal Yisrael and merit the Geula Bimheira.

    The Best Bubby

    abcd2: Amen kein yehe razon for your bracha to all!


    even mafia types draw the line and do not steal from charities.

    The small time Israelis and some Russians draw no such line; they prey on every person and every organization that sets out to help Jews. They are considered organized crime because they are often also involved in drug sales and other tzidkus.

    They may have had hard lives, but Shomrim and similar groups need to make their lives even harder as long as the INS doesn’t do their job and stop these creeps from coming to the US. That is the only language they understand.


    to big bear you don’t have to mention nationalities,at the end of the day we are all Jews.


    No, there is a BIG difference between us and them.

    Al pi halacha, these people have the din of aku”m. Regardless of why they ended up as they did, that is how they are – and vehaya machanecho kodosh means we have to keep them far away. They are sociopaths.

    Only those who are skilled enough and know their culture should even try to mekarev them (usually it only works in prison or after a sentence anyway as these people have to hit rock bottom before they cry for help).

    It is a mitzvah to reports such people to law enforcement if they are endangering our property or our lives. I prefer the Old Williamsburgh style Rav Shtarkman’s Beis Din but frontier justice is illegal in the US so the cops need to be called.

    There have been many piskei din regarding such issues and such people.


    800 kilobear -“I prefer the Old Williamsburgh style Rav Shtarkman’s Beis Din”

    Are you talking about landing on the BQE from the crossover bridges in Willi?


    Health = you know why that crossover bridge on Lee Ave has a fence now, don’t you :).

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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