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    Tuesday June 29, 2010

    The following was submitted to YWN by Lakewood Police Chief Rob Lawson:

    Unfortunately, all too often we like to think the best of people and trust them far more than is prudent to do so. This is fine when dealing with another member of the community but when you are giving access to your home (in which you may have thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry accessible) to an unknown individual off the street, common sense should tell you that this is totally inappropriate.

    If you are employing people off the street I strongly recommend the following:

    3. Take a picture of the person. With cell phone cameras this can be done unobtrusively or better yet be obvious about it and it may serve as a deterrent.

    4. When the person drives up to your residence or is dropped off, record the license plate number as this will provide us with the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle.

    5. Do not leave cash, jewelry, pocketbooks, wallets or any item of value that is small and easily concealable accessible to the cleaning person.

    6. Always check your windows and doors to insure that they are locked after the cleaning person has departed. Occasionally, we get burglary reports in which the homeowner will insist that they never leave the windows unlocked and yet entry is made into the house through an undamaged window the same day as the cleaning person was in the house.

    The above suggestions are not foolproof but if you follow them, you will be much less likely to be the victim of a theft (or burglary) by a cleaning person and if you are, there is a much greater likelihood that we will be able to locate the suspect and get your property returned.

    Thank you,

    Chief Rob Lawson.

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