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    What are the pros and cons to living with a family in each, as compared to the other?



    Well, whats the diff. between a baal habyis and a ben torah.
    And if you live with the baaly batim in Lakewood , then its (unfortunately) the same



    Lakewood is a real ihr hatorah.
    Go into any Bais Medrash and you’ll see for yourself the bren, the oilum, etc.

    It’s true that the overbuilding without proper planning has caused that the traffic is getting out of hand in Lakewood.

    Moshiach is coming to Lakewood on an old donkey, it’s the quickest method of moving aroung in Lakewood.



    lakewood used to be a town that people moved there to devote their lives to a life of torah & learning in kollel. sadly thats not anymore. today thousands are moving there & its a complete city of fancy restaurants & exqusite expensive clothing stores etc…..

    Flatbush is still way more crowded & tight then lakewood even though Lakewood has been becoming overcrowded & tight

    if you want to devote yourself to a life of torah today then the perfect simple torah community with a large kollel & yeshiva is Cleveland with Telz

    wish lakewood had not lost its ruchnius & switch over to gashmius all for money. I am very sad as is Harav Aharon Kotler ZT”L who started Lakewood as a torah community



    Are there a lot of young families in Flatbush? How does the cost of renting/buying compare? Are the type of crowds living in Flatbush and Lakewood similar? Are the yeshivos about the same?



    Lakewood has much more Torah, space and cheaper housing.

    Flatbush has a larger variety of kehilos and Yeshivas. e.g. There are more Mesivotas in Lakewood but if you want a good one that also offers a good secular education you will have a easier time finding one in Flatbush. If you want a shul with a Rov that you can build a relationship with you also will probably have a easier time in Flatbush.



    Lakewood has more room but less infrastructure than Flatbush. You won’t fight for parking but you will fight to get your child into school.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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