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    It’s not just Rt. 9, Oak street has become impassable, Chestnut ave, Williams, Central, there are no more long cuts to avoid the traffic. What happened with the recommendations put forward by the firm hired by the Lakewood township?


    Baruch Hashem!! This means there, k’h, are many more Yidden in Lakewood! This is gevaldik!


    Move to toms river and Jackson its allot nicer and there is more of a sense of community in curtain areas in toms river and Jackson as the areas are still small and everyone still knkows each other like lakewood used to be 15 years ago


    There is plenty that can be done, however you cannot force people to comply.

    You can encourage more walking , You can make better bus service and you can make Bike lanes and encourage people to bike however none of these will work unless people will change their habits


    move to san diego


    For a change I agree with Zahavasdad. Many cities are taking steps to make it easier to use bikes for short trips in lieu of auto traffic which results in air pollution, noise and congestion. In Willy, there are two bike shops that cater to the frum tzibur. Biking is a healthy option for trips to shul, market, work and mikvah. Women can use bikes for light shopping trips to the market, riding with the kids to school (if they are too close for school bus service) or just visiting friends. Yiddeshe mosdos can help by putting in bike racks, allowing public rental bikes to set up on the sidewalks out front and not fighting bike lanes because c’v they might see some “hipster” riding by from outside the neighborhood. Bikes are a win win option for yidden and goyim alike. I’m not that familiar with Lakewood’s traffic issues but I’m certain that BMG can take a lead role in promoting bike usage among their bochurim around the campus and local shuls and commercial establishments.


    If you aren’t going to move or run for mayor the best thing to do is accept it. Leave a little earlier. Realize how long it will take to get places. Listen to a Shiur in the car, make phone calls on Bluetooth. It’s all about managing expectations. People in NY and Shanghai know it takes time to go half a mile. Lakewood isn’t the same place as it was 20yrs ago.


    Move to Toms River and build yourself a teeny sukkah. Move to Jackson and good luck getting an approval for an eruv.


    Every young couple shouldn’t move there there are dozens of other great cities including Denver Detroit Baltimore Boston Houston Miami los angolas Atlanta……


    What happened with the recommendations put forward by the firm hired by the Lakewood township?

    Why don’t you ask the Mayor or the town council instead of the CR? They should have the answer.


    There is a master plan committee who will be presenting they’re plan which includes density and growth

    The tzibur has made it clear that it doesn’t bother them by the lack of attendance of the meetings. It is not because they don’t have time due to the traffic, because when Jackson doesn’t allow an eruv to be built the oilam from Lakewood shows up

    Family’s in Lakewood have made it clear whether by elections or by the lack of activism on this matter that they are willing to sit in traffic and not live the country life like it once was and are happy. If a miyut is not happy you are welcome to move wherever you would like.


    The only solution to 2D traffic problems is to take full advantage of the 3D space available. Bring in the helicopters!


    Try evacuating south Florida before a hurricane. You’ll never complain about Lakewood again.


    Morahmon….machatonim said it was .only 17 hours from West Palm to Atlanta last week (and try finding a restaurant with chassideshe hashgacha on the Florida-Georgia border near I-75


    Poor babies. Try driving on the bqe

    yoyo guy

    Why can’t they use overpasses on a few of the streets? This could cut out a few of the lights on the nine, which could actually keep traffic moving

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