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    red sock

    Has anyone ever gone to Lancaster in the summer? Will a family with 2 young kids (2 and under) find it enjoyable to go there. Is dutch wonderland for a 2 year old? Also where did you stay if you went? Info on kosher food. etc. Thanks!


    there are plenty of hotels there are minyanim and kosher food at the park.

    they have a website for the lancaster jewish community with more info.

    the park is kid friendly but yours are really young theyre still at the age where you can do things you will enjoy and so will they.


    my 10 year old brother went to dutchwonderland in Lancaster and liked it a lot!!!!

    HIE’s older brother

    Max Well

    “HIE’s older brother”

    Who is HIE?


    Hey, we’re thinking of doing the same thing!! Also with kids 2 and under… so if you have any ideas, please share. I’ll try to do the same. When are you going?


    The Lancaster kehilla is gearing up for another Sukkos chol hamoed program like last year with several hotels, and tourist attractions participating. Check


    There is a ton to do in Lancaster that is child-friendly and affordable. The shul, Degel Israel, has minyonim every day (6:50 a.m. leining, 7:00 a.m. non-leining; shkiah-based at night) and moves at a very reasonable ba’al ha’batish pace (not rushed, not slow). In addition to Dutch Wonderland, which each person should investigate to determine whether it is appropriate for his/her family, there are farm tours, buggy rides, and various factory tours in the area. Lancaster County/Pennsylvania Dutch Country are search strings for google that can lead you to free published tour guides.


    Where’s the cheap vacation thread? I need it ASAP. Thanks.


    great place to go! kosher food in Dutch Wonderland park and stay at the Country inn and suites which is directly across from the park. there usually alot of Frum people staying there even minyanim at the hotel sometimes

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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