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    The Rambam in Mishnah Torah talks about the Parsha of Miriam written in this week parsh:

    Miriam spoke about her younger brother Moshe who she loved and helped raise. She had endangered her own life to save him from the Nile. She (furthermore) did not speak malicious evil about him. She just erred by equating his greatness to that of other prophets (who do not separate themselves from their wives). And Moshe was not bothered by any of her comments, as it is written ‘And the man Moshe was extremely modest’. And nevertheless she was immediately punished with Tzaraas. Kal v’Chomer [how much more so] how great a punishment will be coming to those wicked fools who frequently speak great and wondrous (criticisms).

    The Rambam is saying that Miriam’s Lashon HaRah is really not typical Lashon HaRah. It was not said maliciously. It was not said to harm anyone. It did not harm anyone. It was an innocent mistake. BUT WAS STILL LASHON HARAH. How much more so is the punishment when lashon harah is spoken that is said maliciously to harm someone?

    Obviously if the lashon harah is told for the purpose of protecting innocent people for harm, the halacha is different. But lashon harah spoken for the sake of harming another person, all involved pay the price. Cities can be torn apart because of arguments caused by lashon harah.


    everyone goes around saying bli ayin hara,kinayna hara,etc.

    they don’t realize that if they purposely ruined someone’s shaym tov—at least one person is not seeing them with an ayin tova!


    eclipse, that is because people don’t have the tendency to see themselves in the “wrong” and always believe they are “right”. Many people’s need to be right even supersedes their need to be happy. Those are the people that will argue with you to the nth degree and will never ever see another person’s perspective or point of view. They do not normally accept responsibility for their actions nor are they accountable for their actions. Therefore when they speak, make nasty comments, spread loshon horah, they don’t even realize they are doing it because they don’t put themselves in that category nor do they consider what they are doing as “wrong” or speaking loshan horah. They will excuse it 360 degrees until your head is spinning from the excuses and will never back down and just apologize for the comments.

    Others who choose to improve themselves when confronted will be shocked at their lapse, apologize and take note to be careful in the future.


    (sigh)it’s all true what you said,but it never ceases to amaze me…every single elul my most treasured friends call to ask me for mechila when i don’t know what they ever did wrong,and people who did actually harm me(with righteous cheshbonos i suppose) just coast along…i thank hashem that i am careful with people’s feelings and needs.who wants to lose the chance to get mechila after 120?(c”v)

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