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    1. Accept responsibility for the horrific Jan.6 ’21 which is properly denounced by all. (Ego sacrifice, big deal…) .

    2. Apologize to fans for his words which prompted some (small minority) of them to break the law, be violent and anti government actions.
    Jews always prayed for peace of the government and
    Dino deMalchuso Dino

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    You know it won’t happen, but anyhow, why is it his last chance? Do you think he can’t once he’s no longer president?

    yaakov doe

    Don’t you think it’s a little late for a Trump apology? I’m not aware of Trump ever apologizing for anything. Remember his allegation that Ted Cruz’s father was an accomplice of Lee Harvey Oswald. I don’t recall a Trump apology.

    Ben Levi

    I have no idea why Trump would take responisbilty for violenece that was planned before his speech (according to the notorious right wing new source CNN) that took place despite his calling for “peacful” demonstrations (transcript of his speech, and that he condemned 3 times while it took place.

    However I can understand why Nancy Pelosi would take responsibilty for the many lives lost and billions of dollars of damge caused by her called for “uprisings” throught the nation.

    Or Kamala Harris would take responsibilty by encouraging violenece through promoting bail out funds for thos earrested.


    Trump’s plan is to continue to make money off the millions of hard-core Trumpkopfs who truly believe hie is their political moishiach. The worship him as a larger than life, diety. Part of that scam is to NEVER, NEVER admit he was wrong or acknowledge having made a mistake. Within days after “apologizing” for his Access Hollywood comments about assaulting women, he was already walking it back and claiming that on reflection, “it didn’t sound like me” and asserting the tape was likely a fake. If anyone thinks he will now have a deathbed conversion, you are very sadly mistaken. He was, is and forever will be the vile, disgusting human being that makes him so loved by the Trumpkopfs.g To change his persona now will destroy the Trumpkopf money machine.


    How about Democrats taking responsibility for some of this

    Video removed

    A lot worse and more explicit calls for violence than what Trump said

    Yes. I know the Democratic response to this is going to be “don’t deflect” You don’t have to tell it to me

    Reb Eliezer

    The democrats did not create an insurrection, so it does not mqtter what they said.


    Definition of insurrection-“a violent uprising against an authority or government”. Yeah, seems just about right.


    Sure the hard left is also responsible for pushing many into grievances and frustration. Including providing violence voices. But the direct “order” (or at least the way some of his followers took it) came from Trump on that day.
    Why now?
    After he is gone from office. His message would (probably) be meaningless.


    <i>The democrats did not create an insurrection, so it does not mqtter what they said.</i>

    Are you really that incapable of seeing fault in Democrats no matter what they say or are you just trolling?

    BL’N I will no longer respond to you. You are a Democrat so it doesn’t matter what you say.

    Reb Eliezer

    Democrats don’t say sink or swim and they realize that not supply but demand dirives tbe economy. They don’t contribute to the murder 400,000 people because of their lack of concern of COVID and they don’t force immoral behavior on anyone.


    Ein odom nitpas…the stressed covid-8-months and seeing destruction bemboldened by hard left… still:
    Trump has to do it and it will help a lot.


    Trump admin. did defend Israel against anti-Israelism (i.e. Nikki Haley) which most, though not all, is a form of bigotry disguised as “legitimate criticism,” not to mention the danger of Genocide Israel is constantly under… haShem yerachem.

    But Trump has an over-the-top ego problem.

    It’s what is destroying much of his legacy and has damaged Republicans’ image.

    It’s a shame.

    It is why IMHO I said, he needs to swallow his ego, once.

    Little Froggie

    In my opinion, I think that Tr<Post Zapped>


    Reb Eliezer

    Shalom, you are right. Gaiva is Trump’s downfall which contributed to fire or force out his best advisors, and down play the virus as he only wants to listen to people who agree wth him.


    Sooo, (here we go again…) What would have biden done differently? Close the borders earlier? Nope. Impose some sort of stronger lockdown? Lockdowns have shown quite ineffective. Developed vaccines faster? Nope. This is just so stupidly simple. The Dems knew this pandemic was gonna kill hundreds of thousands. They also knew trump couldn’t do anything about it. Great opportunity to blame trump, and they didn’t miss…
    Smerel, I think your being too harsh, you see, jewish liberals have a big problem. They support a different view as to running the US economy, foreign policy…., and I respect their differing angle-But they get stuck having to support democrats when it comes to social issues as well, which they most presumably don’t really want to. A hard life.😐


    To R.E.
    Re Gaivo… though everyone has a bit of it, and even T.Ch. have Shmini-sheBeShminis… but most people do have limits.

    Reb Eliezer

    I will list some interpretations of shminis shebeshminis.

    1. Rashi, in Tehilim, 119 called Tamyeh Apeh, having eight pesukim for every letter of the aleph beis in the eight letter, ches tne eight pasuk. Thank Hashem for the chesed of knowledge to be able to learn.
    2. In Pirkei Avos 6th Perek in the 8th Mishna there are eight words, eigtht character traits, hanoy, vehakoach etc. which contribute to humility according to the Binah Leitim by recognizing that they are provided by Hashem.
    3. The GRA, the eight Parasha in the Torah at the eight pasuk, katonti mikol hachasodim recognizing
    that all chasodim come from Hashem.
    4. The lowest mountain, Har Sinai, is 1/64th of the highest mountain, Har Tabor.
    5. My pshat, remembering samach dalet (64) siyata dishmaya, Hasbem’s help, to be able to learn leading to humility.


    My 2cents. Trump was wrong to incite.
    Democrats were wrong in tacit approval of anti government “autonomous” Portland; burning police stations; attacking cops; other violent acts in 2020. (As well as some aiding in anti Israel incitement –including anti Jewish attacks on campus– which is why such groups like SWU standWithUs were established to begin with).

    If miracle happens (lev melachim vesarim beyad hashem…) and Trump does apologize… it will score lots of points for Rep.

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