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    talk on the phone through your laptop for free


    cool does that mean everybody is going to start walking around talking into their laptops?

    d a

    Hashem Is Truly Everywhere, do you use Google Voice(GV) a lot?

    If you use GV from your cell, if you want to call someone from your GV number, you have to call your GV # then dial the other person’s #.

    But if you tell someone to text you through your GV #, the text will come to your phone through a different # (like a 406 or 972 area code). And that # is your GV # for that person. So if you want to call or that person, you would call/text that # and it will go through and the other party will see your GV # as the caller ID.

    Now, does anybody know how GV makes up these numbers? If I want to text someone through my GV #, I can’t unless they text me first. Is there a chesbon to the # or they are random?


    why cant i use this feature yet? does it have to do with my ip being outside the states? i use google voice already but dont see the new cell feature in gmail:(


    its_me- interesting try contacting google might be a bug in your account! Or maybe just try patience- its always the key!

    As for google voice- is there an application for it yet for phones? Until then I’m gonna have to stick to skype…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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