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    The Queen

    It’s never ending. How do you make it go away!

    Burnt Steak

    Follow these 7 easy steps and laundry will never trouble you again.

    1. Gather all the laundry into one giant pot.

    2. Put the pot into the oven.

    3. Forget about preheating that won’t make a difference. Fire up the oven to 450 degrees Celsius.

    4. For good measure add some paprika to the stove top. Enough to make people think that its more than just for show.

    5. Put on your Tailor made straight jacket. (You can find cheaper ones on the internet, but I suggest go scuba diving in the Arctic Ocean to find yours!)

    6. Await for someone to take you away.

    7. Never have to worry about laundry again.

    The Queen

    Burnt steak: (I see where you get your name) I am looking to ‘lighten the load’ not to add complicated cooking steps to the chore.


    ask The King to pitch in.

    The Queen

    The king pays a servant to pitch in.

    The princes and princesses pitch in.

    The laundry magically never ends.


    Don’t be like Bert.

    (Does he just wear it and wear it and wear it for weeks?)


    Employment is never ending. How do you make it go away!


    It doesn’t have to go away. Just don’t let the mountain become taller than you…

    Do a load every day or two – depending on family size and laundry volume. Don’t put the next load in to wash before the first is folded and put away. Or at the latest don’t take the next load out of the dryer before the first load is cleared out – so only one clean load in the basket at a time. Small loads are much more manageable and won’t stress you out as much. If you somehow do end up with a mountain of laundry to fold, talk on the phone or better yet listen to a light shiur or story while you tackle it.

    And then come the 9 days, long Yomim Tovim, pre-Pesach laundry — these are the true laundry nightmares. But then again, easy does it.

    Good luck!


    Well how many princes and princesses are there about? that might explain why, and because he pays the servant he is above helping the queen?

    The Queen

    The Goq: He helps in other ways. Errands with the kids in tow gives me a much better and quieter break than having him match the socks.

    Mammele: Good advice, thanks.


    Have a hamper in each bedroom so you know that everything washed belongs to the kids in that room

    Wash 1 bedroom of kids laundry a day and same day each week. It will become so easy and go with the flow. Each day you will know which room needs to be done and will be finished each day very quick probably before noon



    I don’t do laundry, but I have a very close relationship with someone who does. That person told me that it helps a lot to have a larger washer/dryer.

    The Queen

    MA: Not practical. MY hampers are built into the furniture in the washroom. I don’t want the smelly laundry in the bedrooms. Thank you for the idea though. I know someone who does that.

    Meno: I have large appliances. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t go out to get new appliances now. Thanks for the suggestion.


    If possible, designate other members of the household a specific day to dospecific wash. I myself enjoy doing laundry, maybe someone at home likes it better than you do?

    Little Froggie

    Thank HaShem for each and every article of laundry. Think of who wears each piece, thank Him for that wonderful gift of family. Wow!! That’s cute Soshie’s left sock.. that’s adorable Yossie’s adorable pants.. How I thank you HaSHem for that…

    There’s another more sublime thought from Rabbi Avigdor Miller ??”?. He says that when one thinks and intends to do a Mitzvah, while doing even the most mundane chore, it uplifts him/her and elevates the act itself. So if you think you’re doing a mitzvah (gmilas chesed) while doing the laundry, it becomes an avodah to HaShem, you become more ‘Shalem’, more perfect. Something worth thing about!!


    In our castle, when the princes and princesses reach a certain age, they are given directions to the laundry room, a course in how to use the washer and dryer are given their very own laundry basket and if they want clean clothes they put their newfound knowledge to use.


    Froggie: Beautiful thought!

    The Queen

    LF: It all sounds so romantic meditating on adorable Yossie’s left sock, however there is simply no time to meditate. Laundry needs to get done on speed dial, because adorable Yossi is either in the toilet, washing his hair, or putting mascara on his ears…


    Have the maid do the laundry. (Posted on behalf of CTLAWYER.)

    The Queen

    The maid does some of it.

    The Queen

    Apushitayid: That is not a bad plan, only two royals already left the palace and I feel bad to incorporate a new tax now. Also, when they reach a certain age they start helping out with the laundry so I’m not sure it would lessen the load.



    Shabbos is over. The adult children have gone out for the evening and the grandchildren spending the President’s Day weekend have been put to bed.

    I have just put the Shabbos table linen in the wash. They will be dried folded and put away before I go to bed tonight.

    My mother Z”L spent her adult life as a teacher and principal, When each of us reached 8 years old she taught us how to do laundry (and cook) and from then on we did our own. I do my wash, Mrs. CTLawyer does hers, and our children do their own when they happen to be here (only two single ones left and both are away at school).

    I do the towels and table linens. The one extravagance is that we take bed linens to a local laundry that charges by the pound to launder and iron them. That costs us about $15 per week. Well worth it in my opinion.

    BTW>>>we do not have a maid. We have a cleaning woman who comes in one morning per week for 4 hours, then she eats a lunch prepared for her and goes next door for two hours to clean my Mother in law’s home.

    Neither my wife or I are above running a vacuum, sweeping a floor, changing a bed, taking out trash, etc.

    Most of the time only my wife and I are in residence, so it’s not hard to keep up with the house and laundry.

    Little Froggie

    Queen: A gut Voch!!

    Hope Shabbos went fine, peaceful. I just though, if you had enough time to post above, you’d have enough time to reflect on some of your blessings. Don’t worry, our bossy (adorable) one year old is into a lot of worse.. it takes ka”h our whole crew to be on top of her.. (how’d you clean up after a Vaseline attack, egg carton attack..) And one more point, I suppose you have a working washing machine… what was it like before those?


    Thequeen. Obviously they don’t help enough or you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with mounds of laundry.

    One observation. When the princes and princesses have to do their own laundry the piles are not as large. Suddenly the shirt or top worn for 90 minutes is not laundrybans gets put away instead.

    The Queen

    apushatayid: I totally agree with your observation.

    Lawyer: We have a cleaning lady too, not a maid, (although what’s to stop us from calling her a maid ;-))and since our household is a bit busier she comes more than once a week, when everyone leaves the nest, I’m sure once a week for several hours will be enough.

    LF: Shabbos was beautiful B”H and the house was turned upside down. You do not want to enter your 1 year old into competition with our prince (who turned 2 this shabbos) she doesn’t stand a chance…

    We are very grateful for our blessings at all times. Including the mess.

    The Queen

    Lawyer: I think it’s amazing that you were doing laundry and cooking at age 8. I was a little girl at age 8 and I remember my Mommy cooking and doing laundry while I went outside to play hopscotch with my friends.


    if you feel bad making your kids help with laundry heres an idea. get skates for all your little kids and lets them zoom around putting laundry away and let the kid who likes the fresh laundry fold it. put on some blasting music and get into it!

    when my mother got married, she didnt know how to do laundry and my father had to teach her. i guess thats what happens when someones the youngest of a small family. so my mother convinces us that making us do the laundry is quite a big favor 🙂



    There is nothing to stop you calling your cleaning lady a maid. I remember when maids lived in, wore uniforms provided by the employer and provided services for the person, not just housework. I’m old enough to have experienced both and differentiate the titles.

    At 8 I was responsible for my own laundry on an ongoing basis. What a treat summer camp was..they did the wash. Cooking was taught as a life skill. I cooked occasionally as a child, but mom usually had cooked food in the fridge if she had an evening meeting at school or the Board of Education.

    Cooking skills were important while in college and law school. My college had kosher food available Mon-Friday only, and law school not at all, as a single living on own I was so thankful for my early training in the kitchen. In early adulthood, I ended up buying a kosher food establishment that was a good investment. During peak wedding season, I put my Saturday nights and Sundays in behind the stoves or doing prep work.

    To this day, I do about 60% of the cooking in the house. My law office is attached to the home (separate outside entrance) and it is easy to slip away from my desk into the kitchen or laundry to put something in the oven or move a load of wash.

    As for your comment about kids not washing clothing as often if they have to do their own:

    Youngest daughter (19 today’s her birthday) is a laundry nut. Constantly doing wash. When my wife designed the new bathroom and dressing room between her’s and her other single sister’s bedroom, youngest insisted (and paid for it herself) that a stackable washer/dryer be installed for her use. No dragging laundry through the house to the laundry room, or chancing someone else using the machines when she wanted to do laundry.

    OTOH, other single daughter tends to just raid youngest’s clothing supply and wear those. They are the same size and have similar clothing taste….and it’s done with permission.

    The Queen

    Lawyer: Smart other single daughter 😉 Mazel tov on youngest’s birthday, may Hashem bless her with kol tuv.

    My girls are launched (2 b”H married) knowing how to cook and do laundry and anything else they will need to know to run a Yiddishe home. When they are 8 I don’t let them touch the stove for safety reasons. They can wipe the dishes, put away the toys, make their bed (after a fashion) and watch (play with) the baby, with adult or teen supervision.

    Sons have chores too. However by the time they are teens, they are in yeshiva all day. They don’t have when to cook and take care of the laundry. On Friday when they are home earlier they help out, and after Shabbos too.


    As far as matching socks, I’ve heard (but never tried) to use a safety pin before it goes into the laundry, saving the search time on the other side.

    The Queen

    I heard that there are special clips that you can use to put a pair of socks together before the wash.

    The baby socks, I try to wash in a mesh bag otherwise they disappear.

    The Queen

    Sort the blacks from the whites

    Here the pants there the tights

    Little socks of pink and blue

    Shirts and skirts and jammies too

    Put it through the wash and spin

    Fold and iron bear and grin

    Who actually enjoy this yoke?


    Kol isha!!

    The Queen

    Help me with the math

    My youngster took one bath

    In the hamper what I see

    Are wet towels three

    The Queen

    Can you calculate the rate

    What would be the fate

    Of the towel situation

    And level of frustration

    If in another hour

    three more would like a shower?

    The Queen

    My kids the noble bath queen

    She’s getting mighty clean

    The first hour she soaks

    The second hour she soaps

    The third hour she’s apt to share

    Now she’s rinsing out her hair

    She’ll surely greet the Shabbos queen

    Sparkling and serene

    Good Shabbos

    The Queen

    Reb Frog: “Thank HaShem for each and every article of laundry. Think of who wears each piece, thank Him for that wonderful gift of family. Wow!! That’s cute Soshie’s left sock.. that’s adorable Yossie’s adorable pants.. How I thank you HaSHem for that…”

    So did you take your advice? (while wearing the tichel)


    I see the mountain before me

    Grower higher by the minute;

    I see the mountain dip and sway,

    I think that someone’s in it!

    Where’s my little munchkin?

    He stands at three feet tall.

    But for some odd reason,

    I can’t even find him at all!

    Where are you little boy?

    Are you in that laundry pile?

    I should have known that it was a risk

    to let grow to a vertical mile…

    With a burst of energy

    I rush to knock it over

    and find with the mountain’s depth

    My daughter’s little brother…

    Whew! Now he’s safe and sound

    But that mountain has dispersed!

    And now with colored clothing everywhere

    I can’t find the earth!

    Sighing in resignation

    I pick up the hanging phone

    and call for backup help-

    I can’t battle this alone!

    Cleaning lady dear,

    Why don’t you move right in?

    I never knew that I’d love you so!

    I think you’re my best friend!

    Maybe, one day

    I will finish that huge pile.

    But until we’ve conquered that stinky hill-

    I’ll have to learn to smile!

    The Queen

    copy machine: great poem! ?

    You get it!

    Little Froggie

    Actually yes. I did! OK, it was only for two weeks, but at least I got the feel of it. And I was most certainly greatful to one above who gave me the need to do laundry.

    The Queen

    Reb Frog, kol hakavod.

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