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    Why are our Geelong insisting learning in eretz Yisroel?

    Do we not have enough yeshivas in America?

    Is there a specific goal in mind?

    How can we not outway the bad that there is I.e. Terrorist, as well as lack of supervision.

    Is there no yeter hara in Eretz Yisroel?

    I feel we should abolish this expensive preposition.


    The Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel is unparalleled.


    What’s a “geelong?”

    TMB: Agree. An opportunity I regret missing every day.


    Lakewood Dude. Can I assume you are learning in Lakewood? If I am correct, can I also assume your parents do not live in Lakewood? If my second assumption is also correct may I ask, are there no yeshivos in your hometown?


    Lakewood Dude, like with anything else different strokes for different folks. If you don’t want to go there, or it is not right for you don’t go. Why are you looking to find fault with E.Y. or find reasons why others should not go? Lakewood is not for everyone either. Aren’t there Yeshivas in Brooklyn, Montreal, Chicago, California, etc.?


    L.D. —

    There ARE yeshivas in E.Y. that do NOT provide the proper supervision, just as as there are yeshivas HERE that do not provide the proper supervision.

    There ARE ALSO yeshivas in E.Y. that DO provide the proper supervision, and it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure to find the proper yeshiva.

    As far as terrorism, – in case you haven’t noticed (9/11, the attempted bombing of Riverdale shul, etc.) there IS terrorism HERE, and HaSh-m can protect you, or, chalila, the opposite, where EVER you are.

    As far as Torah learning goes, there is no Torah like Toras Eretz Yisrael, – PERIOD.

    As far as the expense goes, most yeshivas WILL work with you (to a VERY significant degree) if you have financial issues.


    “I feel we should abolish this expensive preposition.”

    Are you opposed to learning in Eretz Yisroel because it is expensive? Did your parents not spend money on your bris (the bagels and lox are a commodity), bar mitzvah, and high school tuition (depending on location but still not as cheap as public school.)? Did your in-laws and parents not spend money on your wedding (assuming you are not single.)

    We are willing to go the extra mile for things we see as special. Studying the holy Torah in the holy land is certainly worthwhile and valuable.


    No I totally agree with Lakewood Dude. I think Bayis Shlishi should be in Lakewood Ir Hakodesh. …Jerusalem who?


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