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    i have begun learning with two girls who are not frum, but are part of a program where you are set up with a chevrusa and they have incentive to learn.

    I was wondering what material would be a good place to start. one girl is intrested in talking about relationships in judaism. and the other in intrested in what hashem is, and how the torah can be applied to your life.

    any help would be appreciated!!


    You have two options – figure the world out for yourself, or lie to them.

    live right

    VM: how cheery. please don’t learn with anyone.

    OURtorah: with the second girl, you can learn the ani maamins. (13 principles of faith). they pretty much address everything and map out a very nice curriculum for you.


    Live right: You guessed wrong. It’s actually very cheery – I’ve figured everything out.


    OURtorah: Gila Manolson has great material about why we are shomer negia as well as material on relationships in general. Check out her 2 books on these subjects: The Magic Touch and Choosing To Love.

    I’ve heard a speech of hers too, but I can’t remember for the life of mine where I downloaded it from.


    VM hahahahahahah!! baruch hashem ive figured out life…its them who need some guidance

    live right- awesome idea!

    streekgeek- i was thinking thats a great idea 🙂 thanks!


    I would stay away from learning about relationships if i was you….if shes young/a teen its likely not going to really go anywhere and its just out of sheer interest and not desire to grow. I would steer away from this topic and maybe offering to learn about women in the torah? A good book would be mirrors of our lives or from sarah to sarah. If she only is interested in this then i agree learn gila manoloson.

    For learning about Hashem i would learn some version of Derech Hashem. There are english versions with commentaries and stuff. They writing might seem dry but derech hashem is fasinating and really complex so do it only if shes smart.

    May i ask which program this is because I heard of a similar one but they provide these basics for the pairs before the learning begins.


    @ultimateskier – I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. If she is a non-religious girl, she will only gain positively from learning the Jewish viewpoint of relationships. If it is avoided she may pick up the vibes that there is something unpleasant that you are hiding and it may turn her off. You may think I’m being extreme, but the fact is: if she is interested in learning about relationships now, go for it!


    Try Chana Levitan’s book or Gila Mansolon’s books…start figuring out how much they’ll be able to digest and present it in piece work. Don’t throw it all at them. If it’s presented well, she’ll be able to take whatever she’s able to apply in her life. try looking at Aish for articles and would she be able to go to Jewish renaissance center shiurim on the west side? you’ll need a Rabbi to consult with as well(“stump the Rabbi”)


    Well I started with the basics- Emunah and Baruch Hashem its going great! Do you have any ideas on books, or material I can use to explain this topic further. Im going to be using the Ani Maamins but are there any books that give commentray on them?


    you can look at arscrools 6 principals of faith


    go to artscroll and feldheim and see what they have under jewish thought


    there’s this video o ani maamin that i show to my kirv students, i forgot where i got it from google ani maamin videos…. its an amazing video that shows how this certain song was composed on the way to auschewitz, i have seen it impact my tougher students when nothing else does…



    I’m pretty sure you can find stuff on ani maamin on aish or kiruv dot come. If you want a book check out Rabbi Kaplan The Aryeh Kaplan anthology book 1. If you are working in kiruv Rabbi Kaplan books are a must-have.

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