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    Just a short note to say I’ll be taking a leave from the Coffee Room and JWN for a couple of months.
    Don’t take it personally, I am not upset with any of you, even if we disagree on most things.

    My eyesight has been deteriorating and I have two pending surgeries in September. I cannot afford to waste or further damage what sight I have on nonessential screen time.

    My children can read legal papers to me at work and perform most of my duties. I think they’d love it if I retired from the firm and became ‘Of Counsel.’ NOT HAPPENING.

    BUT, I never shared my screen name or CR persona with anyone. This was my escape and allowable dose of bittul zman and will be missed. I could not have someone else read the posts to me and type my replies. The fun and anonymity would be lost.

    So, until I join up again Chasiva v’chasima Tovah. Now I know what has caused all the typos, not my spinal stenosis or carpal tunnel, I was just losing my eyesight.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I am heartbroken for you!! Please except my wishes and prayers for health snd a speedy refuah shlaima. We’ll miss you.


    So sorry to hear. Only the best and hoping the surgery goes well. Your words and thoughts have been one of the most rewarding elements of the past few challenging years and b’yh, we will be fortunate to have you back soon.


    Refuah shleimah

    Shimon Nodel

    Be well, Shana tova


    May Hashem grant you a Refuah Shaleimah and we will definitely miss ypu and your daily advice around the CR. Rather their relating to court topics or any other issues.

    On a side note to help appreciate a persons eye sight which is such a beautiful gift Hashem gave to everyone that we even make a special Bracha every morning to thank Hashem for giving us eye sight. You might want to just close your eyes for just a few minutes in the middle of the day WHEN YOU NEED IT and then open it up just a few minutes later to see such a beautiful world of color to design to everything around you etc…. All in just a matter of minutes


    Refuah Shelamo. Kesiva V’Chasima Tova.

    Reb Eliezer

    CTLAWYER, your views weee always appreciated, all rhe besr and refuah sheleima bekarov.


    Best of luck, looking forward to your return to the Coffee Room. We need someone who gets the facts right.


    With wishes for a speedy recovery, I always admired your level of knowlege, a true expert unlike some of the commenters who think they are experts and have zero credenitals. I didnt agree with you on your political stands but that made it interesting.


    Best wishes for a refuah sheleima and a kesiva vechasima tova. You will be missed and I will try to hold down the CT fort during your convalescence. We hope to see your contributions again soon.

    ☕️coffee addict

    רפואה שלימה

    Can I get your name for רפאנו?

    I guess not…. I’ll just call you ctlawyer, Hashem will know who I’m talking about 😉

    You will be missed


    refuah shleima and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Get your numerous, bli ayn hara, kids,grandkids, and other underlinks to set up text-reading software so that you can read either documents or CR, depending on your mood, and also download online classes that proliferated so much. so, by the time of your full recovery at the end of September, you’ll memorize Torah Kula by heart and will become an even more formidable debater. Refuah Shleima again.

    PS For those who are asking for Hebrew Name (given taht CT stands for land on the long tidal river), maybe HaDayan Ben Eretz Nahor Aruch?


    Sounds like cataracts,in which case you’ll be functional for most purposes after the first operation.

    Amil Zola

    Care for yourself as others care for you.

    Amil Zola

    Take care, wishing you a speedy medical solution. You will be missed.

    anonymous Jew

    CTlawyer, we disagreed on most issues but I hope we agree on the most important one. 5 years ago I was losing my eyesight and my doctor told me to get used to it. I found another ophthalmologist who discovered what was wrong and, after 2 difficult surgeries, my eyesight is 20/30. I wish you a similar successful outcome!


    Refua shleima iy”h the surgeries will be alright!

    Avi K

    Refuah sheleima.


    There are text-to-speech converters, where you can drop a few paragraphs into a box, and the text will be read to you. I used it when I needed to study for a defensive driving course.
    and was a little short on patience for reading and rereading.

    Frum in the South

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts – you also were helpful by giving me advice on whether our oldest son would be prepared for law school with a BTL degree. (He ended up getting a Masters degree in accounting through the amazing FDU/Lakewood program, married an incredible girl from Chicago in January and moved to Chicago.) I hope you will work for as along as possible. My father is a real estate attorney here in Norfolk/Virginia Beach and IYH will be 80 in January. Working keeps him young, sharp and happy:) I’m glad you have the support you need to keep going. Hatzlacha!!


    refuah shelaimah b’korov. may you be healed bsoch cholei yisroel.


    Refuah Shleimah

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