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    Are you excited for King James’ hometown return?




    he wont be the most hated person anymore


    I don’t really care where he goes but I’m sure he has already decided and is not revealing cause he is enjoying all the attention, ESPN is promoting him 24/7 it is sickening.


    he made his decision, he’s going back to the cavs in Cleveland.


    Kevin Love is going too another choreographed super team created by lebron, Jordan, Magic, Bird Et al. won by raising the play of their teammates by leadership and hard work and making even end of the bench players contributors, lebron just wants his manufactured rings.


    Goq: I thought the same of Lebron as you did until I read his piece today about why he is coming back. I think having two kids has actually made a bit of a Mentch out of him. Then again, everyone will know for sure when he is next up for free agency…


    I have been following Lebron pretty closely since before he was drafted, and he has always been fairly menschlich by the standards of the hand he’s been dealt. I don’t imagine that he’s a legitimate tzaddik but when you compare him to people of his celebrity who have no positive family influences (he basically acted as his mother’s father for at least a while) and no authority figures, that he is not a total mush-ches (that’s a fun word to transliterate) is a miracle.

    I also think people are giving him too much credit for this decision and letter. I am jubilant as a Cleveland fan because he is the best player in the NBA by head and shoulders, but he wrote the letter together with an experienced columnist and obviously calculated how to express his decision in the way that would most benefit his image. Even still, as Vonnegut said, “you are who you pretend to be.”

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    as Vonnegut said, “you are who you pretend to be.”

    What does that say about someone who uses the screen name “Veltz Meshugener”? 🙂


    Look at that subtitle.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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