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    Is letter of machaa was printed last night on YWN against the lehovin newspaper which was distributed at the Aguda convention. The letter claimed that ” On the cover page of this “special journal for the Agudah Convention”, there was a full-on attack on Maran Sar Hatorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita.”
    Out of curiosity, I took a look at the aforementioned paper to see if this claim is true.
    There was no personal criticism of Ravi Chaim at all!
    The was a criticism of the fact that Avigdor Lieberman was invited to Rav Chaim’ s home for the writing of an os in a sefer Torah. The implication is that Rav Chaim is being misled by the askonim representing degel.
    I agree that the headline & implication shows a lack of kovod Hatorah but let’s not make false accusations against them.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    YWN is really really making me want to get this newspaper. All these people talking about it just showing up at their door. It never showed up at mine. I’m jealous.


    Actually, if you read the whole article/piece of trash, which I did, to the very end, you’ll see that these idiots quietly slipped in the suggestion that perhaps R Chaim is being tricked/mislead/is too stupid to understand what’s going on. The implication is that R Chaim shlita (don’t worry, they make sure to throw in a few shlitas to pretend they’re not bashing him) is dumb enough to be led by the nose by lieberman. Read it critically and analytically. The whole piece is written with biased language, trying to undermine the Gadol Hador’s credibility. And if you can’t see that when reading this article, you probably don;t see what’s wrong with CNN, either.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Toi, so the objection is that it implied the politicians just persuade the gedolim to say whatever they want? You mean like this:
    “Clearly, if they are all for it, and seek to persuade the admorim, then there is a greater chance the council will not object. However, should they paint a picture like last time, the admorim may once again remain adamantly opposed to the current version of the bill.”

    PM Netanyahu Informs Heads Of Chareidi Factions: No Changes In The Draft Law


    Toi: exactly


    Actually, the suggestion in the article/piece of trash is not that R’ Kanievsky is dumb enough to be led by the nose by Lieberman. The rav is so immersed in his learning 24/7 that he would certainly not know Lieberman by face, and only knows of his policies what he has been told. The suggestion is that R’ Kanievsky is c”v dumb enough to be led by the nose BY HIS GABO’IM who surround him and tell him what his happening, who let Lieberman in to gain his political favor, while hiding from the rav his anti-religious views, and that this must be the case because if the rav had known the kind of person he was he would certainly have refused to see him.


    I do not believe Rav Chaim knows 100% what’s going on outside of his walls of Torah. All the information from the outside world is filtered and filtered again before it gets to him. He relies entirely on trusted advisors to explain to him situations. At times, those advisors have agendas that they push by selected what Rav Chaim hears. I don’t even believe he cares about political nuances other than those situations that may attack Torah lifestyles.


    Neville, you are free to pick up the copy of lehovin that is dropped off by my house. You can find it I the paper recycling can. Feel free to come by and take it anytime before it is picked up Tuesday morning.

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