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    I. M. Here

    bozo- You can cover your shelves with that material they use for tablecloths (I forget what it’s called, it’s shiny and comes in a roll.) Cut it out to measure your shelves once and use it year after year. Just make sure to label where each piece goes so you don’t have to start worrying about it the next year.


    Hde, I agree with you. I used to resent all the cooking that I did for Yom Tov and especialy for Pesach and truth to tell I dreaded Pesach because of it. My feet were killing me from standing by the stove before Yom Tov and on Yom Tov for hours. Until I got smart and cut out a lot of stuff that took too long to prepare. I told my husband , if he wants the Pesach lukshen crepes-which takes a long time to cook fry all those leaves- he’ll have to do it himself.

    Pesach is so much more than the food we eat and I wanted to enjoy it, not be stuck behind the stove.

    Some people enjoy cooking and baking so I guess Yom Tov is a time for them to go all the way. There’s no reason to make it a pressure for the the rest of us though.

    Be Happy

    clearheaded: See if you can buy an electric crepe maker.I got mine a few years ago. It was not expensive. I can make 6 crepes at a time (sitting down) in a matter of minutes!

    The other short cut I use is to cook in foil containers. I use the extra heavy duty foil. I can cook 2 chickens in each container so I can cook chicken for YomTov – pack it away in the container (in the fridge or freezer)I can warm chicken in the container and then chuck the container when finished. I do the same for fish. It also eases fridge space. I definitely would not recommend it for year round as I know its not healthy but wow for Pesach it makes life in the kitchen so much easier!

    Hatzlocho and have a great Yom Tov.


    I also cook and chop sitting down on a stool, its so much easier.

    Pashuteh Yid

    These women are all tzidkaniyos for working so hard with the cooking and cleaning. Of course the men help, but the women’s effort into each dish is unbelievable.


    thank you estherh and mybat for your ideas. If anyone else can share some timesaving tips, I would appreciate that.

    d a

    Keep your kids busy next week! Here’s an idea:

    Take the lightbox that you check your lettuce with, and place a picture on top of it. Place a clean sheet of scrap paper (does that make sense?) and put it on top of the picture. Now turn on the lighbox (if you didn’t yet!) and trace the picture! Its alot of fun!!! You can use any picture! Start pulling books off the shelves! This can keep your kids entertained for a long time (until they get bored, of course!) Have fun drawing!!!


    It’s time to open this thread again!

    am yisrael chai

    Does anyone have a good, stress-proofed, detailed organizing system?

    am yisrael chai

    Hello, anyone home taking a break who could help???

    Looking for a good, stress-proofed organizing system for Pesach cleaning, so that it could actually be an enjoyable enterprise!



    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    If you’re stressed out by the thought of making Pesach, go to a hotel. One that provides only hand shmurah matzah.


    We clean everything we can, and cover everything we can’t. On some really difficult years (baby born after Purim) we just closed every cabinet and lived out of boxes. We sold all our furniture to pay for the hand matzos and sold the car to pay for the pesachdik food so our cleaning was really minimized.


    Economize!!! While you’re at it, clean for the next year too!!


    How about cleaning for the next century?


    This evening 1 year ago, was already 1st Seder nite.

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