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    The Black plague affected Europe during the 13th century & led to the death of an estimated 75-300 million people. The Jewish community faced terrible persecution in its wake & were falsely blamed for spreading the plague by poisoning the wells. Thousands of Yidden were burned to death & whole communities were destroyed. We are experiencing a global pandemic right now which is putting many people in a state of fear & hysteria. If the Frum community ignores the laws enacted to stop this then we will Cha”V make ourselves the target of terrible anger & resentment by our neighbors. While in E. Y. the gedolim have said that yeshivos should remain open, I don’t believe this applies to us here in Chu”L. We are living in Galus & the last thing we need right now is to instigate our neighbors by ignoring the laws of the land & putting people in danger (at least to their perception). Extreme fear can quickly transform into powerful anger. The sakonah of ignoring the laws & creating antisemitism may be greater than the sakonah of catching this virus.
    Historically, when the Aino Yehudi was in pain he let it out on the Yid, let’s keep a low profile until this storm passes. Let’s follow the laws & show that we take their concerns seriously even if you think the response is overdone.. This is besides the fact that it creates a great chillul Hhashem when we act s though we are above the law.

    Avi K

    The gedolim in EY half changed their minds. Now only small groups (up to 10) are allowed and they must keep a distance of two meters from each other. There is no heter to endanger oneself or the public unnecessarily. Why can’t two chevrutas or even a chabura of ten meet in a large private home and sit two meters apart?


    Avi K, why can’t they learn on the phone? I just finished learning the daf with my usual shiur. Everybody dialed in.


    There are articles posted on this site by frum doctors pleading with the public to stay home! Learning can be conducted over the phone or online, lahavdil, nichum aveilim, etc. There is a heter to daven b’ychidus. I don’t think people really fathom how serious this is.


    Bubonic plague (Black Death) killed a large number of people of all ages. In most countries, most of the population was infected, and almost everyone infected died a horrible death (note that COVID 19 only causes death or serious illness only for a minority of people infected, typically those who are elderly or sick already). The pain society feels from COVID 19 is caused by the government treating what is not much worse than the regular flu as if it was a dreaded life-threatening plague. They would be better to tell those at high risk to take protective measures, but not to destroy the economy or serious disrupt life.


    I sincerely hope Akuperma is right, but every single epidemiologist strongly disagrees. I refer everyone to a long and serious article written by Tomas Pueyo, you can google it.


    There are a lot of misconceptions going on around here.
    Covid19 doesn’t only affect the elderly or those with health conditions. That’s what was previously thought. There are now cases coming out of younger people with no health conditions whatsoever winding up on respirators. Stories of people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s…, and even younger, r’l.
    Please don’t be naive!
    What will you lose by staying home?
    What is a person risking by going out?!?!


    Akuperma: COVID 19 is 30 times more deadly than the flu. Now that many more people are sick, we are seeing increased numbers of young people very, very ill on ventilators, and some of them dying. The ones who don’t die have permanent lung damage. COVID 19 is much more dangerous than you think.

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