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    I have been reading with much horror and sadness about the goings on in the “Chareidi” communities in America. The fact that Dr. Bentzion Twerski was threatened into leaving his much admired, self appointed position as leader of a panel to prosecute child molesters is sick and twisted.

    My question to you, YWN is if the general chareidi public is, as I believe them to be, good decent people who are as horrified as I am at the fact that molesters get protected and saviors get prosecuted, then why is there not a public outcry to release the names of these reshaim and bring down the hooligans once and for all and restore the good name that chareidim used to have?

    You, YWN reach quite a large readership, from all walks of life, but I would assume the mojority of your readers would associate themselves as “yeshivish/chareidi”. If you believe as I do, that most of that community are, in fact, decent people then please please publicize what has happened to Dr. Bentzion Twerski! You have the power to reach many many people and to try and make things right. Let the chareidi public know who is amongst them and let the chareidi public outwradly condemn and prosecute those who are wrong!

    If you, YWN stay silent on this issue that is flooding the blogs belonging to the more moderate orthodox then that just proves that the entire chareidi community is still burying their heads in the sand, which is effectively allowing more children to be molested every year, and rachmana l’tzlan preventing those who have already been victimized to get proper treatment. Do the right thing, and make a difference, you have the power to do so. YWN Editor, I don’t know who you are, but if you are in the yeshivish circles as I would assume you are, just think. If it’s Chas V’shalom your kid’s turn next, and you had the power to help stop it- how would you feel?

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