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    As we are all on edge with what is going on in E”Y and all over the world Hashem yismor, can we as a online CR community take on some Kabalah for tommorow, Yom Kippur Koton, upon ourselves?

    I Bl”n am mekabel to daven with extra kavanah by Shemoneh Esrei.

    Anyone else who would like to post a Kabalah, I think it would be a chizuk for others to do the same.

    May Hashem see our willingness to grow and come closer to Him and bring yeshuos to us all and the Final Yeshua of Moshiach very speedily in our days.


    Dissapointed. No one????!!!!


    Don’t worry. People are either not bragging about their kabolos not to lose zechyuos, or took a kabola not to post, or are on the bus to DC with a bad connection


    Put in your tefillos a personal plea to Hashem for the safety of klal yisroel whether in eretz yisroel or chutz le oretz. Could be done in SHEMA KOLEINU OR after Elochi Netzor


    Sholom friend,
    I think most people rather not say what they are willing to take on, but I will be extra careful today not talking sichas Chullin in Beis Medrash
    Gut Choidesh and thanks for you great initiative!


    Among other things, I decided to heed the call of R’ Schachter, and am fasting today. I also will be davening the special Yom Kipur Katan Mincha, which I usually do not do. It remains to be seen if there will be a minyan of people who are fasting. If there is, we will lein, and Aneinu, Birchas Kohanim, and Sim Shalom will be recited in chazaras hashatz.


    Shalom and Toda for your openness.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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