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    Esav too was faced with an enormous amount of ???? and jealousy from Yaakov. He couldn’t live up to Yaakov’s great shine. But he wouldn’t better himself , improve his character, so he was constantly consumed by a burning fire of jealousy and shame. Therefore the Torah state ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ????, he left the land (escaped), to go anywhere. ???? ???? ???? ???? ????.

    Back to the subject. There are lots of problems everywhere. People aren’t malachim, certainly not in today’s corrupt civilization. Why is the world making a fuss over the incidents in the Orthodox community? Less common than in the outside world? Highly doubt it. Why it makes “news” is for the aforementioned reason. To lessen the intensity of our light, the effect of our representative-ness of HaShem’s moral standard in this world. That’s how and why it makes news.

    Which brings us to this next question: why are some “Jews” gloating in this too? Is it to better our selves, to instill good and productive measures of prevention? Or is it for the other reason.

    There are communities that are God fearing, committed to Torah and Mitzvhos. Generally. A true nachas to behold. Generations and multitudes clinging to HaShem and His Mitzvhos. How I wish I could dedicate my life wholly to HaShem. Others don’t want the lifestyle, but those same feeling persist. So they’ll resort to same campaign. The famous “holier than thou attitude..”, “dina d’malchuta..”, “gemutlichkeit..”. Or find any sensational dirt.

    As I wrote in the OP, Let’s be honest. (please do NOT respond)


    How about honestly if I see an Avererah, a Huge one at that and one that causes tremendous Chilul Hashem. It needs to be told how terrible it really is.


    If that is your (and everyone else’s) true intention, then I have no issue at all. Count me in!!


    The famous “holier than thou attitude..”, “dina d’malchuta..”, “gemutlichkeit..”. Or find any sensational dirt.

    Lets not throw out Shmuel (the Amora) just because some people misunderstand what Dina Dimalchusa (not d’malchuta) means and its effect on Halacha. Dina Dimalchusa is Halacha, and as the Gemorah says many times, it is Assur to cheat on taxes (levied by the kingdom or country) because of it.


    When a terrible person gets convicted of a crime, yes, I will be happy. Not because there are problems in the Jewish community, but because the problems are on their way to being resolved. Instead of the years of cover-ups that happened, the issue must now be dealt with. Instead of sacrificing innocent children to protect some animals, the animals will be taken care of as they deserve.

    That’s why I’m happy. I wish we didn’t have the problems with these sick people to begin with. But they are there, and I want them to be dealt with.


    Now there seems to be a new malady. Bleach throwers, threateners and spitters, with no one in power speaking up against it all.

    How can anyone respect the people in power who should be speaking up and arent, that Im aware of. Please correct me if Im wrong.

    Is this to make us look like Ohr Lagoyim?

    What a Kiddush Hashem in the secular papers!



    I’ve been trying to stay out of this argument, as I have absolutely nothing productive to say…but Zeeskite, I have to ask you: why do you assume that all those speaking out are “gloating” in their “jealousy” of the communities in which specific scandals occurred? Why can’t they just be concerned and upset about the injustice and deceit, and how it is possibly reinforcing the cycle of abuse throughout the entire Jewish community?

    If there was such a thing as being dan l’kaf chov, I’d say you are guilty of it.


    OOM, I’m not at all. As I wrote in the OP, let’s be honest. A lot responded that they’re doing it for pure intentions. I’m all for it!! As I responded.

    I’m just against those that have an ax to grind. As I wrote.


    This is not about petty sectarian differences. Anyone who has an “axe to grind” should be mightily ashamed of their exploitation of the victims’ pain. And casting heedless aspersions as such is outrageously indelicate and I’d say, equally shameful.


    When a terrible person gets convicted of a crime, yes, I will be happy.

    I’m not happy. I wish that it would have never been committed.

    Similar to what Beruriah said regarding Ganavim.

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