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    Ir happened many times when I walk on the Avenue, it makes me sad to see so many cars with tickets in the windshield, especially with the barely 20 minutes meter allownce, finacial times are hard enough. I carry with me quarters and if I notice a blinking meter and meter maid looking to fulfill their daily quota, I drop the quarter in before they arrive, once I saw an older car parked near a blinking meter, I quickly dropped in the quarter, but I was not sure if the car belonged to a Yid or not, so I walked around it and in the back there was this Yiddish Sticker, saying “Have Betochen and everything will be good”!


    only true tzadikim act that way!! i also want to bring the geula closer!


    Wow that’s very nice! I would love to do that but there’s no meters where I live!


    pookie, sure he will tell you that, what if your friend asked you to put a quarter in for him because he can’t make it ?

    Believe me its such a good feeling when you save a Yid a large amount of $ for just a mere quarter, I don’t know exactly how much a meter ticket is, but its sure worth the quarter.


    im, first of all, i agree its a great feeling to save a felllow jew from a nice big ticket, second of all this cop i new is jewish and my family is currently bringing him and his family back to yidishkiet and he considers himself the ”g-dfather” of my family and by a yom tov sehudah i asked him that and as a very close friend he answerd, and not as another cop trying to make a couple of bucks for the city, and third of all if someone puts a quarter in the meter because his friend asked him to, than im sure you can very nicely explain that to the meter maid and it wont be an issue


    lm; great idea!I have previously heard of others that do the same thing.

    I do not condone the following behavior, however, a few years ago I stepped out of

    my car to feed the meter, and my meter, as well as the rest of the meters for two

    blocks, had been spray painted on both sides of the clear plastic, thus making it impossible for the elite, talented, overtrained, intelligent,ticketers

    to issue tickets. This also allowed others to park there without having to feed the meters, until the covers were replaced.

    I assume lm; that someone was trying to bring the geulah closer back then as well.

    I’m not comparing what you do, to the previous story.

    That guy,(or girl) was damaging/defacing city property.

    Although I appreciated his (or her) creative spirit of generosity.


    Lm, very nice idea! but pookie any clue why would it be illegal?

    Be Happy

    If only putting quarters into meters would bring the Geulah closer!

    It could be the beginning of a “chain” of chesed and goodness that we need to create to bring the Geulah!


    BeinH Damaging and vandalize property is inexcusable and unacceptable, such actions surely will not bring the Geulah.


    ” I assume lm; that someone was trying to bring the geulah closer back then as well.”

    I do not condone this, as I stated earlier, though I think they had good intentions.

    perhaps they weren’t as creative as yourself. Please review my prior comment with kavanah, If you would like to understand what I meant. J/K

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