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    Any suggestions?

    Please write only well thought out solutions,

    Here are some of my own:

    1. Singles should get in touch with as many friends,coworkers, neighbors, relatives and let them know to keep you in mind you never know who will think of someone on the spot when you call!

    2.Call up your teachers,Rabbeim,Rabbi,Rebitzen to network-they also will have you in mind

    3.Email/text/call Shadchanim-all of them!!, I would not call at peak hours when they get millions of calls

    4.Go places…weddings,bar mitzvahs,parties,dinners etc. youll get your name out there!

    5.Go online to the singles websites they also network with many shadchanim

    Any others…………..?????


    The day that people who try to set up singles are appreciated (and compensated) for there time and effort is the last day we will have a need for a post like this.

    There will be a plethora of people looking to help out the singles. At present it is a thankless endevour, as such not nearly enough people are involved.

    Change that and the whole scene will change.

    For the record I am NOT a shadchan nor even a dabbler, but i am very in tune with the scene from both the shadchans end and the singels end.


    What if people who are temporarily unemployed,or on required bedrest but strong enough to talk on the phone,began using the seemingly endless hours being bored/lonely/bedridden to make shidduchim phone calls?I just thought of it while reading this thread.


    As I read the thread title I knew that AZ would be the first to answer. Sure enough…


    Agreed with AZ. It’ll bring shadchonim to not just match names but work on quality suggestions and be there to see the shidduch through all the bumps and hesitations.


    TBT: thanks for the support… People like you seem to be few and far between but we are getting there…

    it’s a marathon not a sprint…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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