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    To My Esteemed Fellow Posters:

    The days are getting shorter, and the warm welcoming rays of sunshine, are but a distant memory. As the frigid winter nights fall upon us, with its black cloak of velvety darkness, we find ourselves losing the fiery passion we felt, and sheer reslove we commited to, as the holy days of Tishrei have been distanced from us through the passage of time.

    HB”H, in his infinite kindness has hidden a precious jewel in this velvety cloak.

    This multifaceted gem, in all its splendor, has the power to bathe all the world

    in the light of creation. When siezed, its powerful rays can pierce the darkest crevices of the abyss.

    This eternal jewel is called Chanukah. It is mention in the Holy Seforim that the people who haven’t done proper Teshuvah, have a chance to repent till Chanukah.

    This idea is alluded to in Tehillim, in the Kapitol Tefillah L’Moishe, when it says Tosheiv Enoish Ad Dakoh, Vatoimer Shuvu Bnei Adom, translating into “repent till Dako!” The letters Daled, Kuf, Aleph, which numerical value is Kuf Hei. This alludes to Kuf Hei in Kislev,

    which is the first night of Chanukah, as in “Chanu Kuf Hei”.

    Please let us all prepare to welcome the holiness of these days upon us,

    and may we merit to see the Ohr Haganuz, which HB”H hid in the Holy Torah,

    by our lighting of the Menorah, as the Holy Seforim have written, is possible.


    Teshuva is so important, thanks for the reminder! I was so fartracht with the Health Care Reform Bill today, I totally forgot that Chanukah will soon be here. Here’s my Chanukah message:

    Chanukah is about overcoming influences that are diametrically opposed to Yiddishkeit. The immorality and their belief and worship of their strength are what the Greek Empire is most remembered for.

    B’Avonoseinu Harabim there are people in our heilige schunos whose moral behaviors and belief in Kochi v’otzem yadi mimic the Greeks of old. May the warm lights of the Chanukah candles thaw their minds and hearts. Tashev Enosh Ad Dakah they should return from such beliefs which are anathema of Torah Judaism, before it’s too late.

    When all our frum community works to stop strengthening the hands of Oseh Resha, surely we will see the Ohr Haganuz with the Geulah Sheleimah Bimheira Biyameinu Amen!!


    thank you for this beautiful chizuk….I’d love to read more.


    Thank you so very much, Chashuveh Moderators, for correcting it.

    May you all be Zocheh to much Hatzlocha in all you endeavors!

    “Happy Erev Chanukah”!






    It’s that wonderful time of year again.

    Chap Arein! (seize the day!!!)




    c c c c p c c c c

    h h h h p h h h h

    a a a a y a a a a

    n n n n c n n n n

    u u u u h u u u u

    k k k k a k k k k

    a a a a n a a a a

    h h h h u h h h h


    — a









    sorry it got all mushed up it spelled out happy chanukah in shape of menorah but when i pressed post thats what it came out looking like…so anyways ill say it happy Chanukah to all!

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