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    CTL, we care that anti-semites like McKinney who are elected on the Democrat line are or were supported by the Democrat party and official party organs including re-election support efforts and party funding, despite their active and expressed anti-semitism during their tenure as an elected Democrat.

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    1322 was drafted in October 2000 before bush was elected

    Just shows how strange it is that Jews vote democrat when they throw Israel under the bus


    Thanks CA

    Great catch Thank you! that was my mistake. However That was but one example.

    Under Bush ISrael was criticized far more than under Obama. Though admittedly this was a big one.

    As for throwing Israel under the bus, how about

    Papa Bush who canceled loan guarantees after Israel announced some settlements? Reagan who criticized bombing of Osirak? Eisenhower wh abandoned ISrael during the Suez Crises? George W who allowed Israel to be condmeened by the security council over and over during the intifada in the 2000’s?


    I don’t know if unprecedented is the right word. But after Carter, a noted non-friend of Israel, the US has vetoed any UNSC resolution that claimed that Israel holding Jerusalem was an illegal “settlement” and had to be given back.

    The reason is that not all settlements are created equal and while the US is against settlement activity that would severly limit the contiguity of a potential Palestinian state, Obama has prior to this always aknowledged that Jerusalem and the main settlement blocks would remain in Israel as part of “land swaps.” Meaning that Israel would give the Palestinians other land in exchange for the settlements.

    By treating all building/occupation post-1967 equally, this resolution decreases the chances of peace. Israel is never going to give back Yerushaliym and if they will be censured for that anyway, what do they have to benefit from giving back anything. This resolution makes Israel’s last, best offer illegal under International Law. So why would Israel respect or abide by International Law?


    I am a registered Democrat. Here is some of what our parties (state, local, federal) need to do to win more elections:

    1. Stop wringing our hands. We won the popular vote for president. We can’t help the odd quirks of the Electoral College.

    2. Start preparing for the 2020 census, and get ready to be forceful in the redistricting process that will affect Congress and state legislatures until 2032. The Republicans did an excellent, if undemocratic, job with the 2010 census. We must do the same in 2020.

    3. Don’t trust anyone over 50. We need candidates who are ineligible for Medicare and can operate their own cell phones. Bernie, Hillary, Nancy, Harry, Chuck, Andrew are way too old. I would name a young Democrat if I could, but it highlights the problem that I can’t. And please don’t mention Corey Booker until he does something besides win an election.

    4. Embrace the core values of the party: protection of the middle class and the economically challenged.

    5. Recognize what that Nobel laureate in literature told us 60 years ago. Things have changed, life-long work at the mill is not possible any more, and education is the key to a middle-class life. Professions like medicine, law, accounting and finance should not cost $300,000 just to get to the entry level, but that is what they cost now. If that is not fixed, nothing will be fixed.


    In order to control redistricting, you need to win state legislative elections in 2020 and gubernatorial elections in 2018 and 2020.


    To Joseph: Thanks for the advice on redistricting.

    To benignuman, and everybody else who thinks Jimmy Carter, as president, was bad for the Jews: In 1978, 39 years ago, President Carter brokered the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel which remains in force to this day. It has been a major source of security for Israel. That is not the act of an enemy of the State of Israel or the Jewish people. Yes, he has said some dubious things more recently, but get over it. As president, he did right by Israel, which continues to protect Israel to this day.


    huju, you don’t need advice; you need to win elections. Point being that it isn’t a matter of being “forceful”. And that it’s a matter of democracy, not being undemocratic as you suggested the Democrats be in 2020.


    If Trump ran on a D ticket, all you liberals jews would vote for him.

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