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    Copied from the YW Home Page

    They got into the car and she directed down a narrow road with lots of trees. When they finally reached the clearing, it became obvious that it was the entrance to a cemetery. The little girl climbed out of the car, and with tears in her eyes, gently placed the soft red rose on a freshly dug grave.

    Frankly, it can be a real challenge to properly balance work and family. I know that I myself deal with this issue on a daily basis and am sure that you do as well. So I did some thinking and came up with a few simple ways that can help us all stay as focused on our families as we are on our business.

    Start A Habit: Make it a habit to reach out and call one designated family member every single day to say hello. That short daily conversation can go a long way toward maintaining the relationship and strengthening the bond.

    In all, I do hope that these ideas can be utilized to help us all better remember and connect with the thing that is truly most important: family.

    Onwards and upwards,

    Meny Hoffman

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    by The Chassidishe Gatesheader

    on 2012-08-30 at 4:50 pm


    Letakein Girl

    Wow, that’s one beautiful article! Totally worth a BUMP.



    Little Froggie

    Problem for me is that EVERYTHING I write here is communicating with ALL my family. No need to call anyone!! (How I wish I could block certain people from certain posts..)


    I call daily [except Shabbos & Chaggim, but certainly a permitted Melocho on Chol haMoed]. Perhaps a more pertanent topic wuld be:- How often do we call up siblings?

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