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    The following was received for posting.

    I recently wrote the following letter, which the Vaad HaRabbonim of Baltimore has sent to all of its member Rabbonim. I am sharing it in the hope that some people find it helpful.

    Kesiva v’Chasima Tova to all.

    Dear Rav *******, Shlita,

    Second, I discovered a remarkable website that has numerous resources to give Chizuk and practical advice to those struggling in this area – http://www.guardyoureyes.org. This site is a life preserver for those who are drowning in a sea of Tumah, as I know from personal experience.

    Please urge your members to protect, not only their children, but themselves, by installing K9 or another Internet filter, and by entrusting someone else to choose the password. Please also inform your members of the Guard Your Eyes website, and encourage them to make use of it.

    The main concern, of course, is whether people will listen. “Kesheim Shemitzvah Lomar Davar Hanishma, Kach Mitzvah Shelo Lomar Davar She’eino Nishma.” I submit, however, based on my personal experience, that there are at least two groups of people that will take your words seriously. First, those who have hit (or are rapidly approaching) “rock bottom,” whose marriages, livelihoods, college grades, and, indeed, entire lives are becoming unmanageable. Second, those who are doing better than the first group, but have the foresight to recognize that they are on a very slippery slope, which is likely to cause them a great deal of trouble in the foreseeable future. Such people may be inspired to take action, even though they have not yet hit “rock bottom.” This is what the Guard Your Eyes website calls “hitting bottom while still on top.”

    Please consider sharing my message with your Kehilah. If you do so, who knows how many people (and their families) will be helped in a major way?

    Thank you very much. Kesiva v’Chasima Tova.




    Just doin’ my job.


    Here is a great tip to anyone who wants to protect themselves, spouse and family:

    It doesn;t help to get an Internet block, and then you know the password – you may be protecting your family, but who’s protecting you? We learn – don’t trust yourself until the day you die. “al tamin atzmecho – Ad yom moyscho”.

    My tip is – share the Password. I know half and my spouse knows the other half of the password. This way we are both protected!


    Who has the better half?


    Yeshiva Net is the way to go. It is NOT a filter. (filters passwords etc are not foolproof). With Yeshivanet you are NOT connected to the open internet. ONLY sites that are specifically requested and approved are connected.

    It won’t work for people that do research surf the web etc. For people who need access to the same 20-30-60 even 500 or more sites it is fantastic. If one needs to access an additional site it is added in a very prompt fashion.

    side advantage: Yeshiva net will save a TON of wasted time besides for the significant issues discussed in the letter.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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