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    To the Jewish community,

    After reading multiple articles regarding a recent tragedy of the death of 2 children, I feel that it is my place to speak up. I myself have pulled through the same thing that both girls did not survive. I fought for my life as a 8 year old girl. I want to speak up because the parallels between my story and this tragedy, are painfully relatable for me, and I can’t go a day without thinking of the emotions and pain the girls went through during their last breaths. I want to speak up, and share my viewpoint of the tragic incident. Given my experience, I have learned that mental health needs to be taken seriously, not only after a tragedy, but before things spiral out of control. The importance of taking action in the early phases of mental illness cannot be understated. As a child, there were many red flags that were unfortunately overlooked by close family members and people in the community. If not for my father, I doubt I would be here today. He fought for my existence in court while other members of my family and community denied anything was happening at all, and were fine leaving me at home alone with my mother. A family member saw me in pain shortly after the incident, but didn’t call Hatzolah. My father found out what had happened a week later on my next visitation, and immediately took me to an ER. If there wasn’t divine intervention during the event and the perseverance of my father, I would not be writing this letter.



    Horrifying. I dont know what to say

    Sam Klein

    Boruch Hashem you are still alive today to serve and thank Hashem for every day of your life and may it continue in health and happiness.

    Welcome to today’s generation of living in denial instead of waking up and FACING REALITY and doing something about the issue….

    Let’s be honest. What happens today when Chas Vshalom a tragedy strikes klal yisroel? %98 of people -yes yóu read that correctly-will block it from their face and let their corrupt mind tell them what does this have to do with me, I’m not from Lakewood or even know the family etc……? When the truth is that in the back of our heads we ALL get Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation and we also know that there’s no such a thing as coincidence including the famous truth of “ain poranius baolam ela bishvil yisroel” which means even if Chas Vshalom a tragedy happens in China with not a single jew involved we all know the truth that it is still a message DIRECTLY FROM HASHEM AND STRAIGHT TO KLAL YISROEL sometimes the wake up call message is for serious teshuva and Achdus together while other tragedies rachmana litzlan have been wake up call messages relating to the tumah of the technology generation of smart phones that are destroying the kedusha in yisroel.

    May we all finally wake up and FACE REALITY and openly confess and accept Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva and Achdus together so Hashem can send mashiach already bkarov.

    May the innocent neshamos have an aliya.


    Too many life and death issues are concealed in Lakewood. This in turn prevents and hinders any progress towards resolving critical issues.


    People claiming there is nothing to do about it, have no idea that there are serious warning signs. Not for everyone but trained specialists should be consulted. They aren’t because no one ever speaks up. Most people don’t even know whats concerning in the first place, but they should know. The secerity of what happened isnt common, but realistically there are dozens and dozens of kids in situations that are seriously dangerous (not a doomsday prediction ch’vs).Intentionally remaining ignorant to sign and danger does not excuse to not seeing the danger. It’s לא תעמד על דם רעך

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