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    It is known that there are at least 70 lev tahor gerim. Are there reasons to not consider them Halachically Jewish?



    List why yes!
    List why not!



    I would be more concerned with converts from Haskel Lookstein and OO converts like Shmully Yanklowitz.



    Mishpacha magazine had a feature article on the community of Guatemalan Geirim who have helped former Lev Tahor members who have been expelled. According to the article, as I remember it, they were interested in Judaism and when the Lev Tahor people dropped into their backyard, they were excited by the opportunity. They learned from and were misgayer by Lev Tahor, but soon after they realized what was going on there and left or were expelled en masse. But as their interest in being Jewish was real, they went through a second proper giyur by a mainstream US beis din. So if you are referring to these geirim, the answer is yes. Your question as to the validity of a giyur done by a Lev Tahor beis din still holds though, especially since the group had to undergo a second geirus.


    The little I know

    Until proven otherwise, anything done by Lev Tahor has nothing to do with Yiddishkeit. The cult is a missionary group based on avodah zoroh. Their kashrus is not acceptable, and kal vachomer geirus. Their leaders are busy with the deification of themselves, and this is anti-Torah. They negate Torah Sheb’al Peh, proof that they are NOT a link in the chainof mesorah from Har Sinai. Meanwhile, their tactics are those of Eisav, and they are in desperate need of being eliminated. The leaders need either to be exterminated or at least jailed. Their victims need to be rescued, deprogrammed, and placed in years of reparative therapy. Klal Yisroel needs to be more vigilant to stop groups like this from forming, and to enforce the kedusha and safety of real Yidden.



    I belive the founder of Lev Tahor wasnt even jewish himself



    @zahavasdad That’s not true. Helbrans was a Ba’al Teshuva and very much Jewish.


    Some Common Sense

    If you cut off their funding, you will cut them off.


    anonymous Jew

    Joseph, it is Rabbi Lookstein. You may disagree with him but it doesn’t excuse your disrespect.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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