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    what are then exactly…i cant find any info online

    Dr. Seuss

    They are tzadikim.


    Check the name Shlomo Helbrans. Elbaranes is his real name; it is of Tunisian origin, but he claims to be a Chassidishe rebbe!!! so he goes by Helbrans.


    Nor will you. They are so secretive, one member does not know the other, and each is frummer than the next (or so he thinks)

    Oh, wait, thats everyone in BP.

    Sorry. Maybe you meant the band Lev Tahor?


    LOL Dr Seuss. Helbrans/Elbaranes is one of the 80 tzaddikim who is such a big tzaddik that only HE knows he is a tzaddik.

    And we all know what letter has the value of 80 in gematriya!

    Feif Un

    The people in the sect are real nut-jobs. There was a case where a woman from the sect was abusing her kid, and the people running the sect encouraged her. They do many things that are against halachah, and many Rabbonim have spoken out against them.


    Does Helbrans Ym”sh have any shaychus with the burka nuts in E”Y? That’s news to me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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