Lev Tahor’s donors – Which rock could they be living under?

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    How could they have remained unaware of the news coverage
    that the group has been getting over the last few years?

    (Also, how is it that there’s no section of the CR for communal
    issues that aren’t specifically about shidduchim. yeshivos, etc?)


    Emmm… They were under the spell of Joseph here.

    No I’ll go hide under a rock.


    On a more serious note, some of them simply didn’t want them to starve. Though probably misguided, it’s not always simple as to where to draw the line of legitimate help vs. being an enabler.


    unfortunately from London


    Their donors obviously don’t believe every news article and blog written about them from information fed by discontents.


    Joseph, I think it’s high time to drop your cause. Lives may be at stake. Discontents? I personally have incriminating information I can’t share, precisely because the source is from someone that’s still there and can get in trouble for it.

    One doesn’t has to believe EVERYTHING to realize the situation is seriously messed up there.

    The little I know

    Supporting them is like giving money to the Palestinians. It gets hocked by the leadership, and they grab it for themselves and their own evil intentions. It doesn’t reach anyone there who is hungry. Instead of providing them money, we need to support a rescue mission in which the leaders are either murdered or captured. This avodah zarah cult must be eliminated. That means the victims rescued, and the perpetrators either turned into carcasses or locked up for life. It is borderline apikorsus to consider this a faction of Yiddishkeit. It is blatant avodah zarah, and this requires battle.


    They’re evil evil monsters. Their leaders kill one innocent child every Erev Pesach to use his blood to bake their “mitzvah matzah” with. Then they pretend it was a natural death due to being unvaccinated and contracting a contagious disease. They are also hellbent on dominating the entire Orthodox Jewish world as anyone who has accessed a copy of their secretive Protocols of the Leaders of Lev Tahor vividly knows.

    We need Israeli commandos to storm into Guatamala to rescue these children the same way they heroically rescued Yossele Schumacher from another cult.

    Almost everything published in the newspapers and online about them is true. Especially if it was in Mishpacha magazine. The lies come from Ami.


    Lots of rocks in the world. Some, in people’s heads.


    Yossele Schumacher…. wow..
    Some people have no problem with kidnapping, though Lo Tignov means just that… who’d believe that so many years later some still hold a grudge against Shin Bet for reuniting
    a small kid with his parents… I know it sounds nuts….
    Yossele Schumacher… Malochim cult….
    Say it ain’t so, Joe


    Harel implied that they were on the verge of catching Mengele And where pushed off &
    ordered to put All available resources Towards finding Yossele…


    Time for Truth,
    They were not going after Mengele for other reasons,
    It’s a bit complicated and long to discuss here…..Also had to do with Eichman..
    Suffice it to tell you, that my mom survived Mengele, yet she was thrilled when little Yossele was reunited with his parents.
    Because you deal with a live and living child/parents first…. alleviate their live pain ,then you chase Mengele… Mom had her priorities right.
    Besides…. Whatever the Zionists do will never be good, right??


    They weren’t going to arrest Mengele and put both him & Eichmann on trial… There were political considerations and back door discussions with other governments…
    Don’t believe everything Harel or other retired Mossad ,or Shin Bet guys say after their retirement..
    It’s more complicated than that.

    Uncle Ben

    Joseph: Don’t think that your smart aleck tactics will convince anyone that LT is a saintly group. If you want first hand evidence, go to Montreal and speak to the other son of Shlomo Erez Elbaranes Hellbrans. He left the cult when he realized that it was a perversion of Yiddishkeit. I believe Shlomo Hellbrans wife also left when she was attacked. Now his daughter left and is planning to embrace the family of her husband’s first wife (daughter of the Kashau Rebbe) who opposed The Hellbrans cult for many years.
    There is testimony from former members how they were given malkos in public for bizarre reasons such as drinking from water bottle! If you cover for them, you are just enabling there aveiros and abuse with all that that entails.


    If anyone has any questions about Lev Tahor or doubt the reports from the frum news sources, just read the Ami article from a few years ago. Ami tried really hard to paint them in the best light possible, and were severely criticized for it. But even in this whitewashed picture that Ami tried to paint, the rough edges are still pretty glaring. In an interview, one guru admits to taking kids away from uncooperative parents and waves his hand saying “We don’t do that so much anymore”. When asked about the teen and child marriages the only answer given was “A 12 year old girl is old enough to marry k’halacha”.

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