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    I was just listening to the radio where the only only thing they were reporting was the wonderful verdict and how the job is NOT done yet. this is a good start but its only the beginning. one by one various liberal leaders and activists were honored to recite this mantra on radio.

    then one guy -idk who-said that by the time we’re done with police reform we might not be able to call them law enforcers anymore but rather peace officers .

    so go figure: they don’t like police protocols, they can’t just keep the same name and change the protocols–no, the only solution is to change the name. but when “marriage” has an inherent definition which causes inconvenience to perverts, they can’t just change the term and call it “BFF” –nope. they change the definition.

    Reb Eliezer

    What is so bad with peace enforcers?


    Liberalism is a mental disorder


    @reb e what is so bad with law enforcers?


    I was going to post this on the “learning to write” page but it’s not so nice to hijack threads, especially for more discussion about liberals. so I’ll digress on this thread instead.

    Cortez has a good vocabulary despite being dumb as a dumbbell. and her vocabulary makes her no more coherent.


    Law enforcement officer is a terrible term to use when referring to police.
    In the USA it includes:
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) special agents
    Bureau of Diplomatic Security special agents
    Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and United States Border Patrol agents
    Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agents
    Federal air marshals
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents
    Federal Flight Deck Officers
    Dept of Treasury Federal Reserve Police officers
    U.S. Dept of Treasury Secret Service special agents and uniformed officers
    Dept. of Interior Fish and Wildlife Service Rangers
    Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement officers
    Dept. of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents
    DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officers
    Dept. of Interior National Park Service (park rangers and forest rangers)
    Dept. of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons corrections officers
    Dept. of Homeland Service Transportation Security Administration US Marshals and Deputy Marshals
    U.S. Coast Guard officers, warrant officers, and petty officers
    United States Postal Service postal inspectors
    Federal Bureau of Prisons officers
    United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police
    United States military police, including the Military Police Corps, Air Force Security Forces, Navy master-at-arms, Marine Corps Police, provost marshal officers, and United States Department of Defense police

    Traditionally, police were known as PEACE OFFICERS, charged with upholding, preserving the PEACE.

    Among the government positions I have held in my adult life is JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. I don’t deal with criminal matters in this role, but in earlier times petty crimes were adjudicated by JPs.

    So, LEO is a MODERN term for peace officers, Liberals are not changing the definition when they want police referred to as Peace Officers. Police are charged with maintaining the peace. That cannot be said of a ‘meter maid’ who is a sworn Law Enforcement Officer, charged with enforcing local statutes regarding parking.

    The OP is worked up about nothing

    Reb Eliezer

    The police admitted thati they violated the law by paying $27 million to the Floyd family.

    Reb Eliezer

    Partidipant, if a legislature creates an anti-semitic law should the police enforce it?

    The little I know

    Yes, liberalism is a disease. And it has no cure.

    Here’s a dose of reality. There has always been deviance, and it will always exist. Our Chachomim told us clearly, אלמלא מורא מלכות איש את רעהו חיים בלעו. Without law enforcement, chaos reigns. No problem recognizing that policing requires protocols. But the very notion of eliminating police, or the milder expression for that, “defunding the police” are exercises in destruction of an entire culture. Liberalism is a serious, cancerous disease, and it destroys anything healthy that it can affect. We need to vote this evil out of our lives.


    Reb Eliezer. George Floyd was a Rodef who didn’t get proper justice when he pointed a gun at a pregnant woman.


    @ctl no problem. so you’re saying the guy on the radio was wrong and the correct term is peace officers. the point I’m making — which you completely missed, as evident from what you wrote “liberals are not changing the definition” — was that the exact change or changes can be made with referring to them as leos. I have no particular affinity for the term, but such a term bears no consequence on policing protocols.


    CTlawyer -“Traditionally, police were known as PEACE OFFICERS, charged with upholding, preserving the PEACE”

    This is correct.

    “Law enforcement officer is a terrible term to use when referring to police.”

    No, it isn’t.
    Neither calling them Cops or Police.
    The reason is because the Public should be able to differentiate between Local, County, State & Federal jurisdictions!

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