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    Time and time again Nancy pelosi has wavered for Biden’s America now with all that’s going on she’s thinking twice which is clear from her going against the mask statement from the CDC. Is it time for yidden to start moving to other countries like Russia or maybe South America? Having someone like Nancy pelosi in office who goes against everything President Biden and the cdc recommend is irresponsible and scary. It means she’s only getting advice from herself. At least Joe is a supporter of the CDC it was bassicly the only argument wether to vote for him or not. To end off like this. Do the Jews want a future life in America or would we rather be somewhere safer in the countryside of Russia or South America where nooone will bother us?

    Have an amazing shabbos! Please feel free to comment before and after shabbos!


    Watch her press conference in Chinatown in Feb/march 2020, where she’s with a large group of maskless people saying it was safe 20 times. What made it safe? She said the word safe in a condescending manner over and over all was all I could see. And if you didn’t go out into crowds, you were now a racist.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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